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Who to Vote For President of the USA

2008-08-27 19:20:00

Who to Vote For President of the USA

Mom asked me,
“I want to ask you a question---Who do you think is the best person to vote for-----Give me a honest answer from your mind and heart and the reason why please. I am having a difficult time deciding and I would like to see your words on a letter to me or a blog on your views. Thanks. I value your opinion. love prayers mom dad”
Mom of Andy

Bangkok, Thailand - Khao Sarn Road
Thursday, August 28, 2008
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Hello Mom and Dad,

In my view, the job of the United States President is to protect me and the USA Citizens from harms way. He or she is responsible for protecting me from all comers, from good and bad, the President is my King, the person I need to trust to keep me safe.

World Opinion of the USA is really of about ZERO value, it is not really important whether they like the President, in fact it probably better they are afraid of the President. I am positive the world is afraid of George W. Bush, I hear this in the voice of every European who ever says the words, George W. Bush.

We need the,
“Speak softly and carry a big stick mentality.”
Theodore Roosevelt

I feel a lot of shame about our present Republican administration, however, not about the war, I think the war is just a big police action annoyance, that needed to happen to stop a possible Nuclear War between Israel and Iraq. However, the management of the Oil Situation has been close to impeachable negligence.

Every day the wealth of the USA is being sent to Opec Nations, a bunch of dictatorships and monarchies who wish to rule the world. There should have been severe gas rationing places on the nation of the USA to drive down the consumption of oil, and stablize world oil and energy.

Nobody like the boss, the boss tells people what to do, I think McCane would tell me what to do, therefore he would make a good boss.

Obama represents new energy, a great thing, I would truly love to have the Euro Trash stop talking about the President of the USA in a negative and bigoted way, Obama is my man.

I just do not know, I think voting for Obama would be the same as Voting for Gay Marriage, or saying a Mike Tyson the Boxer should run the Olympics.

I semi-hope Obama wins, it would be nice to have NO real substance in a President, just a good glad hand, a good baby kisser, a something every black, gay, liberal and wimp on the planet would love.

If Obama would win, the heat would be off the USA for maybe two years, or at least until the Black people of the USA start to riot because they learned they voted for a black person that cannot deliver the goods.

I do not believe minority want equality, I believe they want revenge and dominance. The minorities in the USA believe Obama is going to allow them to rule the country, Obama is selling them fantasy and spin.

The President of the USA just does not have the power to get crap done inside the USA.

However, it would be great for the minorities to have their President, this would empower them for about two years, while all the majority has to listen and shake their head in disgust. Then after that, when Obama does not deliver the Golden Calf, they will hopefully recognize, the President of the USA is powerless in their daily life.

I truly believe the United State President has about zero influence on my life, I make 100 percent of my decisions, I am 100 percent responsible. The minorities of the planet have mass hysteria of dysfunctional belief systems that makes them believe there is a savor coming to save them. He give us the power, it is our job to use it, we already have it.

Who would I vote for the President of the USA?

An Old man or the Gay Friendly Obama?

I am not going to have to make this decision, because I am not going to vote in this election. There is just no real problem with either Candidate, in the last Election, it was very obvious that Kerry was the worst possible candidate for President, a person needed to vote for Bush to protect the USA from pure Kerry idiocy.

I think the USA needs some big repair work, it needs some tough times, and the tougher the time, the stronger the people will be afterwards. I think the USA economy needs a recession, we need some checks and balance to happen, we need difficult times whereby the people of the USA can stop being wimps, and engage in life…

Someone needs the will to say,
“Hey you, stop playing with your cell phone and get to work.”

I think time need to get tougher before they get better.

I am a recovering alcoholic, many people ask me what they should do about their alcoholic friend or mate, I say,
“Send them a case of Whiskey.”

Help them to get worst, so they can get better. Help the alcoholic to hit bottom.

I guess I want the USA to hit a bottom, therefore the best vote would be for Obama. I think he has zero ability to lead us in war, and there will be riots in the streets from his black voters when he does not deliver the goods.

What does he know about the economy, it appears to be zip.

The good part, if he could help implement a USA Health plan that would cover me, this would be great, however that is me voting with my pocketbook.

In the end, flip a coin, heads for McCane, tails for Obama, when it lands, do not look at it…

The thought that cross your mind while the coin is rolling and flipping in the air is who you want, you will naturally wish for the candidate you truly believe is best.

I flip a coin a lot, I do not care what the result are, I know while the coin is in the air I will suddenly wish for one side to win.

Truly the President of the USA is not an important issue, however a great sport of conversation. The USA government is one of he worlds most stable countries, it is the building block for all other countries, it is the foundation, it will survive. No president of the USA can destroy the government of the people, by the people.

Wanna have a problem, be in Thailand when the King dies, there could be complete chaos, riots, wars, and mass killings of between the political parties. If I am in Thailand when the King dies, I will be on the first bus out of this country.

If Obama wins, I will still come home.

If Colin Powell is the running mate of McCane, I am 100 percent ready to vote for McCane.

Politics is not about making good decisions, it about making decision to choose the best of two bad decisions. A politician never gets to make a good decision, they chose the better of two bad ones. Same here, make a choice, the better of two bad choices.

Who to Vote For President of the USA

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