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We Suggest you Carry a Guidebook

2008-08-26 18:06:00

We Suggest you Carry a Guidebook
I have been playing around, I have learned that many travel sites say,
“We suggest you carry a guidebook.”

Guidebooks weigh a lot.
Guidebooks cost a lot.

Where am I supposed to carry a guidebook?

Do they want me carry the guidebook in my hands for the whole trip?

Would you please suggest where I am suppose to carry this huge book.

Bangkok, Thailand - Khao Sarn Road
August 27, 2008
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I carry a guidebook, I want a guidebook, it is the only FAST source of information on Cheap Room and Maps of the City, they cost nothing, they save money, plus hours of walking looking for room. Plus the internet still sucks for finding hotel rooms.

Playing around, thinking about my Windmill Backpack, it still is begging the question,
“Where do I carry the Guidebook?”

Backpack are not made to carry guidebooks, they are made to go hiking and maybe carry a map. Is there any backpacks on the market that have a special compartment especially made for a guidebook. Is there truly a Traveler Backpack?

Please also suggest where I can carry a guidebook, that is easy to reach, I can put in and out of my bag fast, I do not want to stop, place my bag on the ground.

We Suggest you Carry a Guidebook

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