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Walk at Step at Look at

2008-08-14 02:17:00

Walk at Step at Look at
Walk right at a person
Step toward the person, not away.
Look at the person.

I stumbled the other day right at a big macho type man, the dodgy sort, the test of my alpha male shadow type,

I step right into his path; I made a feint right at him. He backed off, hmmm, that was an accident, and however it taught me something a way to be safer on the planet.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Thursday, August 14, 2008
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Macho is a strange behavior, nonetheless, any Male wanna be world traveler better instinctively know how to be macho.

I am former farm boy, sort of second nature, plus a few years of American Football, and other macho type activities. I think working concrete construction with an inner city crew took me a little too high over the edge on the macho scale.

Wanna be safe, never walk away from men, never look away, give them a nod, and look them in the eye. If they are really too big and menacing walk right at them, then step right at them.

There is another fun thing I like to do, there are plenty of people who like to follow me. What I do, I stop, letting them pass and proceed to follow them just a couple of steps behind them.

Too much fun, walk soft, and understand the game.

Note, there is nothing very tough and macho about the Philippines, however if you go to Ghana this will work just great.

Walk at Step at Look at