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Two People do Not Need Airport Shuttle in Developing World

2008-08-28 19:52:00

Two People do Not Need Airport Shuttle in Developing World
The first world does a number on the brains of its people, they are losing their ability to think and reason. Taxis are cheaper than Airport Shuttles in Thailand, more convenient, and with three people there is an obvious savings of time and money.

Here is a business in Thailand, there are businesses that are thriving and growing, all on the ignorance of the developed worlds culture inability to think.

"Ooops, nobody told me I was in a cheap country where I do not need to Tip"
"Ooops, I forgot, I came to Thailand for a cheap vacation."

Bangkok, Thailand - Khao Sarn Road
Friday, August 29, 2008
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First, note the days of the Lone Ranger, the independent traveler, the person who travels alone is coming to an end. Very few people are traveling in Thailand solo, the majority are small groups from two to four people together on a trip. It appears there is nothing scary about traveling the planet, easy to talk others into joning the group.

Buying inconvenience, hard to believe but it sells well here on Khao San Road, and they are setting up other booths all around this area.

Taxis in Bangkok are luxurious and cheap, I mean extremely cheap, they are cheaper than a Tuk Tuk. The price of a Taxi from the airport to Khao San Road is about 300 Baht if you take the expressway in a the middle of the worst traffic jam, this is about the maximum needed to pay.

I am normally pay right around 220 Baht (six dollars) from the Airport to Khao San Road, porthole to porthole, providing I do not believe any signs in the airport that says airport taxis are cheaper or better, which for sure is not true, and helps if I stay off the toll road expressway.

(Note, I walk up to the arrival area, I almost never look for a taxi as I deboard a plane, I go up where people are checking in to leave, and grab a taxi where they just arrived. I am way beyond wanting to figure out how an airport works for taxis, I know they are up to no good.)

So really two people can walk out their hotel, flag down a taxi that is moving, never a sitting there waiting taxi, these are the crooks. The taxis that are moving are cooler, the air conditioning is running, the taxi is happy, and say,

Well, Tuk Tuks and Airport shuttle buses thrive on Khao San Road even though the Taxis are a much better value for the money and twice as fast.

Note, the Taxi are a little on the cheat side, you have to demand and say METER, but this is anywhere the world, say Meter and make sure the dingaling turns it on. If he does not, fights you, get out and grab the next one.

There are countries like in Turkey where the meters are not to be trusted, you need to ask a few people, are the Taxi meters ok, every country is different.

Two People do Not Need Airport Shuttle in Developing World