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Traveler Pride in your Adopted Countries

Traveler Pride in your Adopted Countries
Travelers and Tourist adopt countries, a sister country to make friends with and share good times. I have a few Adopted Countries, I return to these countries when I need a vacation from travel.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Saturday, August 2, 2008
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Central America
- Guatemala
South America
- Colombia
- Peru
- Brazil (I need to earn more to return.)
- Togo
- Ghana
- Germany
- Thailand
- Philippines

Thailand versus the Philippines?

I was bored, wanted to eat breakfast this morning, I thought to myself,
“I can buy a girl easier here in the Malate, Ermita, Mabini part of Manila easier than I can buy a good value breakfast.”

I do not want to eat breakfast in a boom boom bar.

I finally remembered, the Midtown Diner near Robinsons Mall, I walked over and ate two eggs, toast, ham, and including coffee which I did not drink for 115 Pesos.

Walking back to my hotel to hide in the room, I had this feeling.

I am not proud of the Philippines, it just is not getting better, and I am always tempted to say.
“Thailand has a lot better roads.”
“Taxis in Thailand are clean, air conditioned and honest.”
“The food is half the price in Thailand.”
“The rooms are half the price and twice as good.”

I enjoy going to Robinson Mall and walk around; I have finally discovered a path where I can walk to the mall without being run over by a Jeepney or feeling I am walking in shit. I live in a great Hotel for 1200 Pesos with WIFI, double the cost of Thailand, but an excellent Hotel. However, when I leave the Hotel, it reminds me of Varanasi, India.

I am not sure the Philippines is evolving, I think they did a lot of development right after World War II, and continually unto the 1960’s. I think the place has been falling apart ever since, I just do not understand this country, and a semi-adopted country of mine is in danger of becoming an orphan.

Traveler Pride in your Adopted Countries