Too Clever to Work

Too Clever to Work
I see a malady of the computer, mobile phone, blackberry, PDA, Ipod and all the other toys on the market world.

They make the normal Joe highly ineffective.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Sunday, August 10, 2008
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I just spent the last hour trying to tweak the Firefox, Explorer Tab system and this new Bit Defender Virus program. The do not work in the background, these systems require I play with them, tweak, configure, and work to make them work together with the other programs on the computer. This would never work for my Mother, normal person, she would just never figure out how it worked, and never learn how to optimize it, she is just a normal person on computers.

I remember asking a secretary I had to give a warning to a tenant,
“Pay your rent, or we file for eviction in five days.”

An hour later, I came unglued, and typed it on a normal typewriter.

The girl was fixing, altering, changing, changing, moving around, it was nuts, I said,
“This tenant is becoming the enemy, I do not care if they like how I deliver the message, and I am just being nice sending it, it is not a need.”

She did not get it, she was clueless to understand, spending and hour writing a warning letter was silly, plus very expensive.

Every hour, of every day, of every week of the year, I see people playing with their Mobile Phone, their Blackberry, their Computers, their Cameras, their Blog formats, their page layout. If it is technical, I want to avoid these people, they want to sit around and configure things, play with the computers, and adjust indefinitely.

I just recommended to my friend to buy a Blackberry, I know he does not want one, and will not use it. However, the way the non-effective, get nothing done managers of the planet evaluate employees is by their toys they use or do not use, or play on and this is the sad part, 90 percent of the time is play.

I continuously have people ask me how I blog so much, I say,
“I do not play around, I just get on the computer, type the blog and post it, you are having trouble waking up in the morning.”

There is a personal satisfaction in being clever, the people of planet earth want to be thought of as clever, and in the end, I could care less, I want them to be effective.

I fear there is so much bureaucracy in most USA businesses; I am not sure how they can survive when competing again China.

The USA only saving grace is that people in China are now buying all the toys and becoming highly ineffective also.

Too Clever to Work