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The Tedious Business Principle

The Tedious Business Principle
I proposed a marketing plan to a Filipino friend, a bulleted to do list of how to market backpacks on a global basis.

He said,
“This is a tedious list.”
Manila, Ermita Philippines
Thursday, August 7, 2008
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I started laughing; his use of words was perfect. Yes, the list was tedious, a long and tiresome list, guaranteed to cause anyone working on the listed to become weary and tired.


1. marked by tedium; long and tiresome: tedious tasks; a tedious journey.

2. wordy so as to cause weariness or boredom, as a speaker or writer; prolix.

–noun the quality or state of being wearisome; irksomeness; tediousness.

I never realized it until he said the word tedious; however, my mind has been working for years to find this word. I have been trying to understand what separates the developed countries from the underdeveloped countries.

It is the perspective on work…

I have to admit, the majority of the world does not do tedious work willingly. In the underdeveloped countries, they have the good fortune to avoid drudgery work, they may not earn much money, however their work lives is not tedious.

Sadly, as it can get, the developed world has channeled the work force effectively whereby they force workers to do tedious work.

Sadly, as it can get, the school systems of the developed nations force students to apply themselves to tedious studies.

The result is, the developed world earns more money, because they do the specifics, they do the details; they do the tedious work that gets the job done.

Workers in underdeveloped countries become very angry if you ask too many questions. The majority has never learned, and feels no need to apply themselves to tedious jobs; they just do not see any advantage, answering questions is tedious, the get angry.

When I looked at the list, I just looked at it as the long and weary list of what was needed to succeed, with no desire to avoid.

The secret to success is work; however, it also is the will to keep going when the work is tedious.

In a nutshell, the cultures of countries like Germany have learned to apply themselves and do the tedious work, they can make nuclear bombs, a very tedious amount of study.

Most countries in the tropical zones of the planet feel no need to do tedious study or tedious work.

I would hate to encourage the under-developed countries to choose to apply themselves and have a tedious work life. However, this sadly is he sacrifice the developed countries make to have money or consumer items.

Lawyers normally do not like their jobs, pure tedious work, not really a fun job.

The Tedious Business Principle