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Spammed by Check out my Facebook.com profile

Spammed by Check out my Facebook.com profile
I have now received three
“Check out my Facebook.com profile,” Emails from my friend, I know he is not trying to annoy me; however Facebook.com and MySpace.com in my opinion are spammers.

Bangkok, Thailand - Khao Sarn Road
Wednesday, August 20, 2008
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I would be more than happy to check out my friends Facebook.com page, however I cannot do so without signing up, wherefore the statement is a lie, I cannot check it out, I must sign up, if the email said, sign up, I would not be calling it a spammer.

Bait and switch spam, I must sign up to look at my friend, this is the lie, I cannot Check out Facebook.com profile of my friend, it is not available to see.

Viral marketing spam, truly this is an invasion of my privacy, goodwill by Facebook.com trying to market Facebook.com at the expense of my friend. Therefore, if I do my friend a favor, and look at his or her Facebook.com, afterwords for the next 10 years, I receive more junk from Facebook.com.

I need and opt out feature,
“NEVER receive another email from Facebook.com.”

Ooops, I found one, I decided I HAD TO READ THEIR ADVERTISING CRAP to do this blog, they forced me to learn about Facebook.com, I really call this company annoying. They are not transparently allowing my friend to use his page, he must make me also sign up, this is not the way the internet has become popular, by forcing participation.

Anyway I do it, I am forced to learn about these social networks, I really cannot be bothered, they are not what I wish to do in this lifetime.

Spammed by Check out my Facebook.com profile