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Sneaky Ways to get Comments on Blog

2008-08-27 19:48:00

Sneaky Ways to get Comments on Blog
There is this inane idea that a lot of comments on a blog means your blog is good.

The more comments the more I know I was preaching to the Choir, people comment on what they already know about. I try to give tips on things you never thought about… hehehe

Ok, want to appear to be popular in the eyes of the unknowing masses?

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Thursday, August 28, 2008
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It is easy, make sure you only blog one time per day. The regulars will comment on the one blog post, they will accumulate faster, and it will look to the unknowing masse like you, and you wrote a good post that elicited comment. Gong!

I have no limits, I think I could make 50 blog post per day without a problem. They would all make sense to me, however everything I write make 100 percent sense to me.

Controversy and spin, be a liar, that will also work, say that comment that makes people hate you, like,
“I truly think George W. Bush did his best.”
(I truly believe he did.)

Or the reverse with a twist.
“I think Gay people should be allowed to marry and adopt children, then become the teachers in the local elementary school.”
(I 100 percent do not want this to happen.)

Note, I try not to do this, however there are times when I do not blog every day, there are times when I say a controversial comment. Anger, there are a lot of angry people out there looking at computer screens.

Sneaky Ways to get Comments on Blog

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