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Smelting Pot of Undesirables

2008-08-16 02:40:00

Smelting Pot of Undesirables
I met up with a friend of mine I met about four years ago in the Malate neighborhood of, Manila, Philippines.

I said,
“Jim, what happened here, where are all the expats?”

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Saturday, August 16, 2008
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He said,
“I think they left the country.”

There used to be many regular type men in this area of the Philippines, this for sure is not a good country for girls, close to horrible.

I said,
“What happened to Manila?”

He said,
“A Smelting Pot of Undesirables.”

I started to laugh, and said,
“Yes, the wanted and the unwanted.”

I have had many laughs in Manila, I am sad, I used to know maybe 10-15 people in this area, more or less Rogue Travelers, people who do what they want, when they want. My prior friends were the wanted, now they have been replaced by the unwanted. I would rather associate with the wanted than the unwanted.

I am sad, I continually learn the world changes, and there is no location that stays the same. There are moments in time when the sun is shining and they areas tend to move into the ice ages. There is close to zero reason to settle down and stay in any one country, better to just roam the planet.

Smelting Pot of Undesirables