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Sizing Me Up for Victim-hood

2008-08-18 17:59:00

Sizing Me Up for Victim-hood
I have known for over 20 years that many people are,
“Volunteer Victims.”

Many people, maybe the majority wish to be victims, this must be true, the do it daily.

Bangkok, Thailand - Khao Sarn Road
Tuesday, August 19, 2008
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An anonymous reader made an astute comment below a blog that deserves reading:

“I am sure you really do also and have become a pretty keen judge of character. You know when someone is being sociable or instead sizing you up for victomhood. I tend to think the disease is bureaucracy in infinite forms taking over control of living. The person with the disease instantly presumes authority over you by virtue of job title. All reason and rational thought seems to evaporate and LORD do not ever deviate from scripted dialogue when trying to conduct business.”

On the post, I am Grateful for my Life

I want people to be agreeable, however I do not want them to patronize so they never make anyone angry. I have learn to keep my mouth shut is sometimes the best diplomacy unless there is a need to open it. This is decided when I know, the person is willing to learn, or I need to tell them I am not their present victim.

As an American Traveler, the Europeans constantly try to abuse or insult the USA and directly me, because I am an American. They hide behind some platitudes of “It is your government” comments, and I say,
“Yes, it is my government.”

This is a simple form of daily abuse, not creative, and more of a fashionable trend, tantamount to complaining about their parents. I normally just ignore, and realize this type of person has stopped their mental and emotional growth at age thirteen. There are many abusive people on the planet looking for victims.

I say on the bottom of newsletters,
“Plan your escape.”

I have zero annoying people in my daily life, I have a few that enter, and I quickly them kick out the door. I truly believe the insanely wonderful thing about travel is the ability to be completely 100 percent intolerant of people. I do not have to tolerate, or listen to anyone; there is no boss, old time friend, family, business associate that I need to listen too.

Although the art of not listening is to not need them, only want the people in my life. I also am intolerant of jerks to the Nth degree, I will literally throw them out the door, I just do not care, jerks are thrown, and tolerance is for victims and wimps.

I am tolerant of other cultures, I do not go looking for an argument or fight, however trust me, and many cultures are extremely annoying.

I am an Alcoholic, I have not drunk for over 20 years, however I remember one lesson I have learn the hard way many times. I do not allow a person to push my buttons, if they wish to antagonize me, annoy me, drive me crazy, it is not as simple as me getting frustrated, it is a matter of life and death for me. Alcoholism is a fatal disease, it is a killer. If a person wishes to make me their victim, wants to push my buttons, wishes to antagonize me, they better realize, I am willing to go to any limits, I will remove this person to stop them, I will do any and all measures needed to stop them. I refuse to be sized up for victim hood, it can be dangerous for the person who wishes to abuse.

I think this is the Motto of the Tourist Industry I live inside of,
“We size you up for victim-hood.

They want to know just how stupid tourist can be, so they can suck every dollar possible out of the naïve and accommodating tourist.

Sizing Me Up for Victim-hood