Sending an ATM Bank Card Overseas

2008-08-07 18:03:00

Sending an ATM Bank Card Overseas
My parents recently sent me a debit card from the USA to Manila, Philippines. It cost about 75 US Dollars using Federal Express, and I was thinking,
“I am lucky I have parent to help me, what would I do if I did not have parents or a good friend to help me?”
“Would the Bank send me a bank card by Federal Express?”

(Do not use DHL, they add all sort of extra cost, and will hold packages, even though paid in advance. UPS will work most of the time.)

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Friday, August 8, 2008
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My Mother and Father put the Visa Debit Card ATM Bank Card inside a Tom Clancy book, taped it shut with Duct Tape, then sent to me with Federal Express.

I wanted to receive the card in the Philippines because the Philippines people understand English well enough and the Tagalog language uses the Roman Characters.

Strange as it sounds, if someone calls for me at a hotel in countries like Thailand, and ask,
“Is Andy there?”

They say, "no."

I called Singapore to ask if Boy Genius was in the Hotel, and they said,
“No, he is not in the Hotel.”

I was 100 percent positive he was in the Hotel, the bottom line, very few hotels will even recognize your name, know you, or even work a little to help the caller. The caller must know you room number, without a room number, there is no way to even start to find a person. Boy genious was in the Dorm, he did not have a room number.

Well, to send a package by Federal Express, 90 percent of the staff is afraid, what is Federal Express, they do not understand, and they also would be afraid to sign for it, they might do something wrong.

I can speak in English here in Manila, the owner of the Hotel is Australian, and this is a huge advantage over a Thailand Hotel.

I am lucky, 300 USA dollars can last me up to one month, if I was staying in a 100 dollar per night hotels, and I would have needed that card in two days.

I carry at all times, two cards, but it is possible to have all my possessions stolen. If a person robbed me in the taxi, say the taxi stopped in an alley and his friend jumped in the car and stole all my possessions, how would I get money?

Would the bank Federal Express me a new ATM Bank Card?

Complicated, but I have an account in my Fathers name with Western Union online. I cannot send money to myself. However, I can get on my fathers internet online account with Western Union and send to my name money, this is one solution.

I am not married, my parents are older, I need to find an alternate way to receive help. One of my best friends works in the Bank, I have sisters and brothers, they will help me, I hope.

However, the best situation would be for the bank to send me the card direct. I am not sure, they always want to send to my Homeless Address in the USA, I do not have a Home. I can have packages sent to my parents, but I am Homeless, I do not have a Home.

Do not shine light up you butt, you will lose your card, need a card, if you are a perpetual traveler, you need help from your home country.

Who is going to help you?

There are mail forwarders, I suppose in Florida, there are mail forwarder that can send overseas easy, they do this for Sailboat Owners, I need to figure this out and implement.

Sending an ATM Bank Card Overseas

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