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2008-08-19 23:14:00

An ex Vietnam Veteran taught me some derogatory Military Slang today here in Bangkok, Thailand.

REMF - Rear Echelon Mother Fxxxker

I have to change the F word to keep the Internet Gods happy.

Bangkok, Thailand - Khao Sarn Road
Wednesday, August 20, 2008
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I did not get a chance to have him explain clear, and not even sure I understood correctly, he could have said REM.

One definition from another site:

“MLA for Rear Echelon Mother Fxxxker. A derogatory term of US Vietnam era origin that's somehow found it's way in to the lexicon of British Army slang - probably due to repeated showings of Chicken Burger Ridge in the NAAFI. Anyone who is further from the FEBA than the person using the phrase is a REMF - the bloke 'in the rear with the gear'. Generally, if your laundry goes forward, you are a REMF.

I am often an arrogant traveler, not a tourist, I live out, I am not in the country, I am out of country. How long have I been out, over ten years and closer to 11, I am not REMF. I am on the front lines.

I write post for everyone, mostly myself, however if you are going to travel perpetually, want to leave home for good, never go back, then of course this blog keenly appeals. Then again, I do not really care, some are REMF, therefore I will read opinions from REMF with a grain of salt, maybe I listen, but with skepticism.

I know most opinions as comments about gear by reader are strictly REMF standards, or tourist grade.