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PHP Coders Wanted

PHP Coders Wanted
If you are from India, Eastern Europe, are energetic, and you brain seems to work too fast to talk, then or need PHP Coders.
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Manila, Ermita Philippines
Sunday, August 10, 2008
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We are searching for PHP Coders, maybe Boy Genius from India is calling them PHP Developers, whatever we call them, they cannot be scared when they hear the about databases online and PHP coding.

Yesterday, Boy Genius, now back in India was to put an advertisement in what a newspaper I think called the Times of India for a month. I expect to run the advertisement for about three months to one year as we need about 5-10 PHP coders.

This is fun, the way outsourcing is meant to work, not the way it does work, but the way it is supposed to work. If you talk with companies that have outsourced work to India or other countries, you will hear some nightmare stories. Moreover, for sure, this is an extremely complicated and confusing thing to do; outsourcing is is only for a person that has personally traveled in India for about six months and understand just how different the culture really is from say the USA culture.

We developed a sloppy looking job application form on the internet that works; it is full of back end control panel information. Sorts by job, by country, by date of application and automatically sends out test. We have used it to hire a couple of data entry people, however PHP workers are actually a lot harder to hire.

We need to test them, so we have a way to set up test databases; we give an easy PHP assignment, then see if they can do it in two days. It is an evaluation of speed and process, to see if they can spin the wheels of technology fast as needed to become a player.

All this is cool, too much fun, and what is great, we can hire some PHP Coders to clean up all the half-done, need to finish project to make the transition from a good site, to a great site.

I tend to laugh at other websites, they always want to brag about how nice their sites are, and I keep trying to say, make sure you know how to make money before you spend it.

This is what the whole failure was all about, thousands of companies trying to ramp up non-profitable companies, that had no clue how to make money. I do not need a clue; we are making money, so life is good.

This is another kicker; we are looking for India workers who do not live in Bangalore, Hyderbad, or Mumbai. We really want those geniuses sitting at their desk in some remote village to apply, we want them to really understand, we are not a brick and mortar company, and we are really on the internet.

If you look at this site, and look at the Job Application and wonder why we need more coders, then go figure, this is why we need them... hehehe

Internet Jobs Online, Work at Home

PHP Coders Wanted