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Photos of Tuk Tuk on LPG

2008-08-25 03:40:00

Photos of Tuk Tuk on LPG
Photos of LPG - Liquid Propane Gas powered Tuk Tuk here in Bangkok, Thailand. I think it is funny when the world uses English Acronyms and their language is very different.

How do you write LPG in Thai?

Most of the full size Taxis run on LPG in Thailand and now I learned many of the Tuk Tuks.

Bangkok, Thailand - Khao Sarn Road
Monday, August 25, 2008
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A Tuk Tuk a three wheeled expensive and hilarious way to travel around in Thailand.

NOTE --- Hehehe, the Tuk Tuk’s cost more than full size air conditioned Taxis, and you have to fight for a price.

Look at the Pump, it has LPG on the top, this is Thailand, it amazes me when they do not give priority to the Thai Language.

Filling up the Tuk Tuk with a hose, this one was a little leaky.

This is the nozzle they use to pump the propane in to Tuk Tuks, Taxis and many private cars.

Photos of Tuk Tuk on LPG