New Countries to Explore

New Countries to Explore
I need a rush, life is a little boring, this is a bad time to go to Africa for me, therefore I have made up my mind I will go south towards Brunei, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Australia and maybe New Zealand. New Zealand.

I am trying to find a cheap path, whereby the Visas are easy enough and not donating all my money to the airlines.

Bangkok, Thailand - Khao Sarn Road
Friday, August 22, 2008
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I have been to Malaysia, Indonesia and Timor, trying to find all the countries in this map that make sense on this trip.

I need to get close to a well travel Aussie and learn the money lowdown on how to travel to these Oceania Countries cheap. I think the Caribbean may be cheaper because the Islands are closer.

I have visited 77 countries, I want to do about five per jaunt into the Travel Bush, areas that are confusing complicated, easy to be caught up or mired down in Traveler problems. Note, Australia is boringly easy, it is the Islands of the South Pacific that are a money challenge.

Strange as it sounds, I will have to study a map like this one cafefully to make sure I do not accidentally skip any in this area.

Note, I learned how to skew this map with Windows Notepad, it made it fit inside the 640 x 480 dimensions I use as a standard easy.

New Countries to Explore