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My Five True Friends in Life

My Five True Friends in Life
People say,
“You’re lucky if you have five true friends in life.”

The world is a Spin Phase of truth and friendship, if you do not spin the truth, you are not trusted or liked.

Bangkok, Thailand - Khao Sarn Road
Saturday, August 23, 2008
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I had a Troll trying to annoy me today; I delete three comments from this anonymous reader for just being mean spirited. However, the one glimmer of constructive value to the person’s comments was a reference to me having disdain for tourist. I know I have disdain for tourist, I often have disdain for readers, and I mulled this one over for a while. Why do I have disdain for tourist and readers?

I think in a nutshell, I will have “Five True Friends in My Life.” Moreover, the truth is, the tourist and my readers are not these Five True Friends in my Life.

If you read articles on how to write, there is always some section on how you must have respect for your readers. I have dwelled on this for years, and the problem is this, what happens if I do not have respect for my readers or again tourist?

I do not think advice on writing wants me to have respect for my readers.
“I would tell my Five True Friends in My Life the truth."
Their advice is on how to have everyone love you at the expense of the truth, spin everything until you never know what is real.

I will tell my readers the truth, so maybe I do have respect for my readers, I truly believe they can learn, they are smart enough, they are capable of knowing.
“I do not love you.”
I am writing what I think, not what I know you want to hear.

I write many a blog post, soon to be 4000, I know that readers come and go like fleas, they have a life expectancy. The reason they leave is truthfulness, I do not edit my thoughts, and I do not spin them to make them sound warm and fuzzy. One reader said by email to me,
“You are hardcore.”

I think he liked me being hardcore, I was laughing to myself, and have realized the few readers who have really met me, I think only one has liked me, all the rest are not my true friends and feel I am hardcore, I do not say warm and fuzzy things to them, I am also hardcore honest in real life and this does not make casual friends.

However, I suppose I am looking for my Five True Friends in My Life, and I think I am up to about eight now.

A true friend in my view wants to know, you will always be honest and frank, even when it is a risk of losing a friendship. I try my best to talk to my readers like a true friends, I do not try to spin it, fuzz it up, glamour it up, I do not try to win your friendship by saying what you want to hear, I try to be like a parent or best friend. I try to tell you what you need to hear.

I think my disdain is for the readers and tourist in my life, who really want me to say,
“I am a Nomad, and find beauty in all the wonderful people of the planet.”

They become angry when I tell them the truth, nothing hurts worst in life then hearing the unwanted truth.

However, sadly I am not a Nomad, I do not have enough money for that yet, and for sure all the people on the planet are not even close to wonderful, however if I look real hard, open my feelings, try to listen to the quiet people, I do find every once in a while a person with a truly noble spirit. These are common people, the ones who are quiet, keep their mouth shut, listen more than they speak, the ones who put in a long days work, goes home and hugs their kids, and for the most part are ignored by the world, the common man. Nobility and honesty, the good people of the world are not famous, they want nothing to do with fame, they are above that type of insecure love.

I find many of my fake friends want me to be nice; they want me to write in a way that would have readers flock to read. They want me to be famous, so they can say to others,
“I am friends with a famous person.”

Fame is a fickle friend, something that last five minutes in life, while a true friend could last forever. I blog and write about my life and the places I visit, it is my honest diary of my life, my life unedited, just a few things left out… hehehe

I want you the reader to respect me, saying something like, he is real pain in the butt, however when he says something, it is the truth as he sees it.

My Five True Friends in Life