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Monetize Feeds with and Google Adsense

Monetize Feeds with and Google Adsense
Finally, has officially given the go ahead to allow us Bloggers to make money from our feeds. I have not made crapola from my Blog up to now, as most people use a feed readers that were free from advertisements.

Ooops, not any more, Hehehe, I am not trying to annoy you, and make pocket change.

Confusing as it gets, I am still trying to figure it out… how to put ads in the feeds.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008
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I had to sign up with, and then I got a statement inside the Adsense, that wanted to attach. The next day or later up pop this ability to monetize my feed. I then had to insert code into the template on and now I waiting and hoping.

I feel confident, this all will work sooner or later, and sooner I hope.

Strange as it may sound, I have a popular blog, but I do close to zero to promote it or try to get readers. It has grown or not grown only on the merit of word of mouth. Now that I have some money coming in, I may just try to expand the readership.

Contrary to any illusions you have, I blog, I make Internet pages; do all this to do what I love to do, I LOVE TO TRAVEL, therefore I BLOG FOR MONEY! However, really the majority of my money is made from the site, not the blog, maybe this can change.

I have only made money indirectly from the blog, now I can make money directly from the feeds. I think I will go buy some Peanuts to Celebrate. I am sure I am still working for peanuts on the feeds.

Monetize Feeds with and Google Adsense