Making Maps Fit on Pages

Making Maps Fit on Pages
The body of the blog width is about 640 to 800 pixels, I can easily put a 640 pixel wide graphic of a map on a page. However, sometimes I want a wider or higher map, I want to get all the countries and the graphic to fit on the screen in a manner that is big enough to read.

Problem, too many countries to fit on the screen.

Solution, I have found a simple solution.

Bangkok, Thailand - Khao Sarn Road
Friday, August 22, 2008
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Click on keyboard of computer to capture a map from you computer.
Function > Print Screen

Paste into Microsoft Window Notepad on most computers.

Select the area of map you want to show the audience.

Paste into new window.

Save As so you do not lose it.


Click on IMAGE
Click on Stretch/Skew

Adjust the percentage of horizontal or vertical you need to adjust, and whoopee, it now fits on a page.

Here is an over-emphasized example, I got all the countries in the graphic size, the reader can still read. This is distorted, however I am sure some of you understand and this solution will be helpful.

Making Maps Fit on Pages