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Make Your Travel Backpack Lockable Tip

Make Your Travel Backpack Lockable Tip
I have used many methods of the years to lock my backpack; however, I stumbled upon a way make a backpack lockable anywhere on the planet. In my estimation, this tip is needed by 99 percent of the travel backpackers on the planet.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Thursday, August 7, 2008
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This is the zipper slider you should be buying, this is called an YKK Hasp Slider, there is also a more normal type called a Padlock Slider.

However, when it finally hits you that you purchased a bag that is impossible to lock up, here is a simple solution you can do anywhere on the planet, while on your trip, all the parts are easy to purchase.

What you need?
1. Wire Ties
2. Tape, best is Duct Tape, but about any type would work.
3. Fingernail Clippers, Knife, or something to cut the wire ties.

This is what it looks like after you are finished.

Ok, you cannot stop a true criminal from cutting open your bag, or just stealing the bag. What is the goal of a locking backpack, it to remove the temptation theft by people who are walking by it. Whether the housekeeper, the taxi driver, or on some train in India while you are sleeping. Whatever the case, you do not want people to just open the bag and steal valuable items.

A wire tie cannot be broken easy; you make a small loop that will allow you to use a normal padlock. Then you tape the wire tie to keep the loop from becoming smaller.

For an even better explanation, watch this video on making locking backpacks.


IF no video here, you need to read on the blog, and not by email or RSS feed, click here: Travel Journal


Note, Craig of made a similar setup in the USA, and would also work, however not so easy to do anywhere on the planet.

The real solution is to buy a backpack with either padlock or hasp zipper slider pull. Do not buy a hiking backpack, to go traveling the planet, you are buying the wrong bag.

Backpack Tip by Craig

Make Your Travel Backpack Lockable Tip