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Getting Ready to Change Computers

2008-08-23 20:25:00

Getting Ready to Change Computers
I am always getting ready to change computers. and I truly despise changing computers. I need to save all the files in a simple filing systems prepared and ready to upgrade to a different computer, a person never know when the next computer is going to be needed.

How does a person learn to file information on their computer easy and simple?

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Sunday, August 24, 2008
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Buy a hard drive and backup your hard drive information daily or weekly. I am sure after you do this a few times, you will simplify your filing systems on your computer. I am on my sixth notebook computer, each time I do a better job.

I have,

1. My Documents

2. Windows Programs
C:Program Files

3. Windows Downloads
- C:Downloads

4. Documents and settings - NEED TO CHOOSE your profile
- C:Documents and Settings

I am sure I am missing something, however think of this way, if all yoru folder or file where in one of them four folder, then you just have four places to remember.

Another way to stay organized for the average Joe Blow would be to just put all your information on a Flash Thumb Drive and then back it up on the computer. A one GIG would hold most adults information, then you just need to figure out photos storage.

I have found I will elongate the life of this computer another one to two years by using the external hard drives.

Getting Ready to Change Computers