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Found on Khao San Road Photos

2008-08-20 22:30:00

Found on Khao San Road Photos
I have been trying to photo both a Monk and some Travel Backpackers with the Khao San Road in the background. I walked down to the Khao San Road corner across from the Burger King at 6:30 am and stood, these are the photos that passed by me today.

There is the international sign for Information below this sign, plus a phone booth like thingy, with no phone. By the way, there is also no source of information here either, other than what passes by this sign daily.

Bangkok, Thailand - Khao Sarn Road
Thursday, August 21, 2008
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Not really, what I was looking for, however this is a nice way to start the morning.

Monks walks around in the early morning collect rice and other tribute from the local Buddhist. I particularly like to tell them,
“I am Christian.”
(Not in favor of an religion standing in front of the world collecting money or free gifts, sort of guilt extortion to me.)

Two Korean, maybe Japanese people with really big and floppy hats, I have realized many tourist carry big hats in Thailand.

The garbage people come and clean up the road, this appears to be them hauling the trash away.

Two Monks in one day, however not close up and personal, just another Monk, see one, you seen them all… Hehehe

This is normal, in Thailand, they will ride a motorcycle down the sidewalk to either avoid traffic, or to avoid the one ways streets, have to be careful, and same as in Europe, the Motorcycle can hit you.

Many children on the way to school, I tried to take a photo of a big fat police officer and his very small child, but missed it.

This taxi stopped, as normal in front of me, so I took his photo. Taxi will continuously stop in front of the walking path to try to see if you want a ride, I count coup, say the best expletive deletives I wish them to learn and ignore. This taxi guy was pleasant, just a photo was necessary to make him smile.

A Thailand Tuk Tuk, supposed to be call this because of the noise the muffler makes.

Stand in one place long enough and a Tuk Tuk driver will come up and offer you a girl.

I do not normally talk with Taxi Drivers, however he was a good guy, and I was not going anywhere. He says something like,
“Sexy Girl.”
I say
He laughs, this means expensive in the Thailand Language.
I say,
“Kee Baht.” or How much,
He says,
1000-1500 Baht.

Taxi Driver have day and night jobs of trying to sell Thailand Girls, it is only about 7:00 am now, seems a little early for this type of business. Oh well, Thailand is Thailand, so I walked back towards the room, ate a Cheese Omelet for 50 Baht, and it was a good morning on Khao San Road.

Found on Khao San Road Photos