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Doing Business in Asia

Doing Business in Asia
I am Ready to Leave the Philippines, it is Sunday the 3rd of August, my plane does not leave for Thailand until the August 10th of August.

I have learned an expensive lesson on this trip to the Philippines about doing business in Asia.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Saturday, August 2, 2008
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Development of products is best done in the USA or Canada.

Come to Asia with a product and say,
“Copy this.”

Even though the Philippines speaks English better than other countries in the region, this is not a good reason to do business in the Philippines.

I am now leaning towards making the bag in either Thailand, Mexico or Guatemala.

I would love to make in the USA or Canada, however I believe it is impossible to find normal labor to run sewing machines.

The cost of a plane ticket from the USA to the Philippines round trip is about 2000 U.S. Dollars, the cost of plane ticket from the USA to Guatemala is about 700. The cost of labor is about the same, the clutter of people in Asia makes doing business like a traffic jam, you spend all your time waiting...

Doing Business in Asia