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Copying versus New Ideas

2008-08-14 17:28:00

Copying versus New Ideas
New and novel ideas, I do wish people would try to be themselves instead of copying the rest of the group. There must have been one person with a new idea, and then 10 million other people copied. I do not find people to be different and unique, I find them annoying the same.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Thursday, August 14, 2008
Blog of Andy --- --- Backpack Design Survey

I am intrigued with musing around, perusing around the concept of how people make decisions. I like to study the reasoning skills of people, as I tend to believe the majority make bad decisions.

I have been having tremendous design problems on the Windmill Backpack, mainly because the company making the backpack has nothing to copy. I have heard at least a dozen times,
“If you gave us a bag to copy.”

Hmm, I would not need them to make the bag, it would already be done.

There is this need of people, they want to copy, they do not dream about inventing something new. I really do not care to invent, and would easily copy if I could find more ideas to copy. I have needs; I suppose I have annoying needs after 10 years of travel. The small inconsequential problems when I started traveling, are not become huge thorns in my side.

Example, I do carry a guidebook, I want the guidebook on the outside of the pack. I also need a one to two liter bottle of water connected to my bag. If the guidebook or bottle of water is not connected, I will lose them, and trust me, losing your only bottle of water on a long trip, or losing your guidebook on long trip is not a good experience.

Water is a need, and so is a guidebook, I suppose the guidebook is only a need if I wish to save money. If you want to save money, you need a guidebook, if nothing else but to help you find the lowest prices of rooms so you can see if you can get cheaper. You need a frame of reference, you must know a starting target price to really get a great value.

Well, I am trying to make a pocket on the outside of the bag, which will hold a large guidebook and a two-liter bottle of water. There is no pocket to copy that works, mainly because I do not want packets on the outside of the bag.

I do not want pockets on the outside, however I want two pockets. I have invented a pocket that expands from being flat to being a large pocket.

I know the majority of people reading my blog believe the bag they purchased does the job, they believe they made a good buy, their bags is very good. Yet, the truth is, they just copied what they believe they should have, what would happen if they saw a new idea that was better.

Are there new ideas; are there new ideas that are better?

I continuously find new ideas, or discover ideas I have never heard of before, this is fun.

There are people who see or feel a need, they view this need or want as a problem, being that they now have problem, they search for a solution.

The art of travel is to solve one need, the problem is this, you need money to travel, and therefore how does a person earn money and travel at the same time.

I dream of new ideas, of new ways to live, new ways to enjoy my life, I only have one life, I want to enjoy it, I do not want to make a copy.

Have you ever invesnted a new idea?

Copying versus New Ideas