Computer Data too Big for Virus Program

Computer Data too Big for Virus Program
I have developed a small Virus problem, for the last week, I have been trying to perform a deep scan of hard drive. The computer has close to 80 gigs of data, photos, etc.

This takes about 20-30 hours to run the scan and even more if I am using the computer.

I know I can skip some files, but it is not as comprehensive or conservative.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Tuesday, August 12, 2008
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I very seldom have my computer running more than 10 hours, and to run the computer over 24 hours is a real problem.

Then even when I am capable of running my computer for 24 hours, the Virus Program eats up all the resources.

I downloaded a small program that remove a annoying Klez viruses and this small program has been running for 10 hours, I cannot choose which folder or directory it tries to cleanse.

It appears I will have to use an external hard drive for storage, there seems no value in having a hard drive in the computer bigger than 100 gigs, the virus program just becomes too onerous to use. I am proceeding to upload 100 gigs of information for a backup, this is a huge problem. I am a traveler; I do not have these types of connections and cannot just carry two extra hard drives.

I have always envisioned that one day the on board hard drive would be come of little value on a computer, and all the data or photos of a computer would be stored in Data Centers on the Internet. For me, what I viewed as the future must happen today.

Computer Data too Big for Virus Program

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