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Choosing a Travel Backpack

Choosing a Travel Backpack
I am in the final design phase of making a travel backpack. How to choose a travel backpack, it has become clear to me, it is simple to choose a backpack.

The real problem is,
“What to pack for travel?”

If you know what to pack, choosing a travel backpack becomes easier.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Monday, August 4, 2008
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I left the majority of my gear in a Hotel Storage Room in Bangkok, Thailand; I found it interesting what I decided I needed for a two-week trip to Manila, Philippines.

I really despise and annoyed by this word, it is not the correct word. Maybe I should say, I left my personal possessions in a Bangkok.

“What did I buy in a travel gear shop?”

After reviewing my personal possessions, the only thing I purchased in a gear shop was the “Backpack.” I like to go into Gear shops, I almost never purchase anything. What I really want, the items I would really like to buy, and they do not sell.

Here are some personal possessions I packed to come to Manila, however I do not know many people who carry.

This is a large plastic vegetable oil jug; I cut off the top, used some duct tape to cover the edge so it does not cut the fabric of my backpack. I put inside the pack to protect valuable electronics, I use to wash clothes, and strangest, I use for a table for my computer. The number or uses for a bucket are never ending.

Cooking with alcohol, this is my system, I just put a tuna can in the bottom and fill up with rubbing alcohol purchased anywhere on the planet. It is not as simple as it seems, I purchased that rectangular cooker at a garage sale in Ghent, Belgium. If you want to eat and live healthy, you must cook in your room.

I also brought a small umbrella, I use this continuously here in Manila, and it has been raining buckets of water. I can never understand people, they will buy quick drying, extremely expensive clothing, yet will not buy an umbrella whereby they would not need the expensive clothing. They also buy this stuff, but refuse to carry nylon cord for a clothesline.

Ok, how to choose a backpack?

1. Buy all the junk you think you need, but really do not need.
2. Pack it all in a cardboard box, or maybe a plastic garbage bag.
3. Measure the volume or…
4. Take to the backpack shop.
5. Stuff all your unneeded junk into the bag.
6. Buy a bag 25 percent bigger, I do not buy souvenirs, however the other 99 percent of people do.

Now, grow up, read close, not that you are going to be able to find the bag easy, but you 100 percent NEED a bag that locks.

The bag should have only one opening, no exterior pockets for to carrying gear you do not need. If there is an exterior zipper, it should have a way to lock it, if it does not have a way to lock it, then you are buying a hiking bag and not a travel bag.

Simple, you want a bag that locks, and will hold all your personal possessions.

I suppose comfortable shoulder straps or harness is good, but really the least of your worries, if the salesperson is trying to push this as a high priority, again you are buying a hiking pack, and not a travel backpack.

My guess is 99 percent of people buy hiking backpacks, 1 person buys a travel backpack. Then 99 percent of people need a travel backpack, and 1 percent of people need a hiking backpack.

What to pack? Passport, Bank Card, the only two essentials to travel the world. Trust me; they sell what you need where you are going, if you forget, not a big problem.

Choosing a Travel Backpack