Asking For Travel Directions

Asking For Travel Directions
I cannot remember the last time I opened a map inside a large city, the second the city becomes too big to walk across easily, I lose the map.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Monday, August 11, 2008
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I had a friend asking me where Khao San Road is on the Google Maps, I had to admit,
“I do not know.”

I have an idea, but the truth is, I could not point Khao San Road on a map, even thought I have gone to this area over 50 times, and closer to 100. I just do not know where it located on map.

I do know, it cost between 200 and 300 Baht for a trip from the Airport and to MoShip the northbound bus station is about 150 Baht. I also know how to ask the reception desk to write in the Thaland the words Mochip or Moship, so the taxi does not have to understand me.

I am here in Manila, I have a trip to Quezon City now to two separate businesses a few times, and have been playing perfect travel golf. Every trip has been a hole in one; I make it without any sand traps in my way.

Why, because I do not try to know where I am, I get in a taxi; call up the host business with my mobile phone and say,
“Please tell the taxi driver how to get to your business.”


I believe a super business traveler should not need an airport shuttle service; they should not need to be picked up by a limo driver. The business traveler who is really a capable person should not need to live in a Five Star Hotel.

I really think a highly effective, highly capable Business Traveler should be able to find any address in a city.

I believe only 1 in 100 can, the others are lost.

I on the other hand know that 1 in 100 travelers can find their Hotel easy; most are wandering around lost looking for their Hotel, it rarely is found first attempt.

What saves all of them; they live in well-known areas of the city and in well-known Hotels, never wanting to admit they are lost.

There is an art to finding locations in a city; I could talk for hours, maybe days on how to effectively find locations in a large city. Then again, I also am not afraid to ask for directions.

If a person wishes to travel the world, either they learn to enjoy being lost, or they learn the art of asking for directions. I can do it in at least 50 different ways, it is not just asking, you also must know if the person knows.

Asking For Travel Directions

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