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A Hobo Becomes a Professional Photographer

A Hobo Becomes a Professional Photographer
I sold 13 photos of West Africa to, what I believe to be one of the top five guidebooks companies on the planet.

I was paid a substantial sum of money, therefore I went Pro... hehehe

Roughguides West Africa

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Tuesday, August 5, 2008
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The photos are now in the Fifth Edition, published in June 2008 with the Author or Richard Trillo.

Selling the photos to was a great business experience. The insights were valuable for anyone who wishes to become a professional photographer.

- Take photos of something different, example, do not take pictures of Machu Picchu or the Eiffel Tower and try to make a living.

- You need an internet page to allow buyers to view your photos.

- You need to check you emails daily or twice per day, so you can very quickly respond to request.

- A person needs to understand how to make a zip file of up to 100 Megs of photos that can be downloaded by readers. This allows you to give large numbers of photos to a buyer to review quickly. A person needs to know how to FTP to a server, then allow another person to download.

I believe a person must,
“See pictures.”

I am not sure a person can learn this many people are forever trapped in a mental box, unable to see.

I wish to say a special Thanks to Richard Trillo of

This was a fun experience, an enjoyable experience; I have yet to see the new West Africa guidebook, and will be happy to review the book on my next stopover in the USA.

I have had numerous request to purchase photos, mostly by unscrupulous NGO's who want to buy advertising photos to raise money from naive peoples donations. I say no to most offers, I have had a few magazines want to purchase photos. I was not able to sell the photos because they were in an extreme rush, I need to be online with a 24/7 connection to deal with those companies. they more or less waited until the last moment and then needed photos.

A webpage that had small photos, with an option to purchase and immediately download the larger pixel photos would greatly help sales of photos.

A Hobo Becomes a Professional Photographer