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2008 August 17 Enter Thailand leave Philippines

2008-08-16 17:54:00

2008 August 17 Enter Thailand leave Philippines
I am have left one of the worst manage countries on the planet, and entered one of the best, I am now in Bangkok, Thailand.

Just three days ago in Quezon City, Philippines I had to get out of the taxi and push to jump start the a normal junk taxi of the Philippines.

Bangkok, Thailand - Khao Sarn Road
Sunday, August 17, 2008
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As I entered the Taxi in Thailand, I thought to myself,
“So Clean,”
“Air Conditioned,”

Then as we left the Bangkok, Airport the Taxi accelerated to 120 Kilometers an Hour. This is about 70 mile per hour; I almost get frightened as the Taxi sometimes edges up to 140 Kilometers.

What happened to the Philippines, the place is like a bomb site compared to Thailand. I was lucky if we ever wet 100 yards without being in a traffic jam, and the Thailand Taxi was trying to break a speed record.

I told the Thailand Taxi NOT to take the Highway, I do not need to go faster… hehehe. All this for a cheaper price, Thailand the worlds best value for travel.

Yesterday, I went into Robinson Mall to the Cebu Pacific office at 10:00 am and waited for two hours to buy a ticket. The doors had just opened at the mall, and I had to wait two hours to buy a plane ticket, I was about first in line at the office.

I was just happy to be leaving, after the two hour wait to purchase the ticket, I said to the Ticket Agent,
“The plane trip is only three hours.”

What is ironic here, the Philippines people actually think they are modern and first world, they do not know how far the got their head up their ass.

2008 August 17 Enter Thailand leave Philippines