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You're Not a Deliberate Man

2008-07-03 17:11:00

You're Not a Deliberate Man
Two girls were trying to cross the street yesterday, they kept stepping, then stopping, started, then looking both ways, and I walked up, passed by them and cross the street.

I thought about Wyatt Earp saying
“You're Not a Deliberate Man”

What is wrong with people, you make a decision, then follow the decisions path, crossing the street is the easy challenge of travel.

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Thursday, July 3, 2008
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I was laying my bed somewhere on the other side of the planet, watching a movie with Kevin Costner where he plays Wyatt Earp in a Cowboy Western Movie saying,
"You're not a deliberate man, Ed," Wyatt says in a monotone to his reasonable deputy, Ed Masterson (Bill Pullman). "I don't sense that about you. You're too affable."

Ed Masterson later gets himself killed because he did not take control of the situation and dominate another Cowboy with a gun.

I saw the two girls, passively crossing the street, not demanding the cars stop, also confusing the cars that are not going to stop or slow down unless they have too. However, there was a wide gap, we were jaywalking which is probably safer than walking across at crosswalk where the cars speed up to reach the light.
You're Not a Deliberate Man

A deliberate person is not passive, a deliberate person does not hesitate, if you hesitate, you have trouble.(Top Gun) This line in the movie resurfaces into my consciousness often; I try to understand the difference between a deliberate person and people who are affable.

easygoing: good-natured, friendly, and easy to talk to

1. intentional: carefully thought out and done intentionally
2. careful: slow, careful, and methodical
(My Windmill Backpack)

Nonetheless, I write in a propositional way, I propose questions and ideas, it is passive tone, not active, I can make a deliberate harsh comment, however I can also be very wishy washy in my opinions. I read other writers and I think to myself,
“They write like they know the truth.”

I think they write like this trying to convince themselves they know something because deep down in real life, they do not.
You're Not a Deliberate Man

This type of writing often annoys me, I think readers need to engage their brains, I do not think I should write the answers or solutions that would solve your problems finally. I can think of a couple types of travel gear that I think are 90 percent junk.

1. The camelbak water bag.
2. The pacsafe wire bag security system.

However, they are 10 percent good ideas, and strangely, to me, the USA Military has a water bag with a tube system they use in some of their equipment. I am hard pressed to not admit their may be times when this bag has reasonable uses. I also know the pacsafe would be better than my dog chain system when riding a train in India and worried that someone would pick up the bag and run off with it when sleeping on the bunk. The pacsafe protects the whole bag better, however easy to steal any one thing in the bag without a problem.

I still think these two types of gear are marketing jokes.
You're Not a Deliberate Man

An active person, a deliberate person versus an affable, friends with everyone, never rocks the boat and avoids confrontation person.

I not sure how the tone of my writing portrays me, however for sure I am an argumentative person, I have strong opinions and liberals suffer when near me, I do not listen to their crap, you want to tell me what to do, better to think about it first.

I do not like tourist, do not like most backpackers, I see them as infants in diapers, needing a big tit to suck to be safe. I think they are clueless and weak, I see them as people who need to follow a guidebook or a person with a big sign on a stick, the tour leader.

I do not need the tour leader, I do not need the guidebook, I use them as tools for information to augment my decision making process, when there is not a guidebook, I make it as I go.

I know I have many affable readers, who live a good Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, John Wayne action packed movie and look up to these hero figures wanting to be like them, but they are not, but they can be...

We all want to be the hero of our own lives, however that position is held normally by someone else, I think the dreamy part of travel, the illusional, spiritual, wanderlust, chasing the dream concept of travel is opposite of what it takes for long-term travel across all cultures.
(Most long term travelers can be very intolerant of certain type of behavior, yet not feel hassled to the point of returning home, then are not tolerant, they are not affable.)

I am thinking of the normal long-term India Travelers, they hang out in cheap places, smoke dope until the drop, spout of spiritual crap, and think they are somebody. They are not going to go to Africa; it does not even float across their minds.

Somewhere in this idea of being a deliberate man is the different between trying to do something and person that does something. I think people dream of doing something, the inspiration you need to do this is by grabbing the bull by the horns and doing it, well thought out, but burn the bridges, get it done, succeeding is the only option.

Traveler versus Tourist, this is one of my popular dilemmas and clarifications I strive for understanding the difference. Are you a passive person on vacation following a tour leader, relaxing and enjoying the ride, or are you a person who explores the planet?

The label is not necessary, however to have the moment of introspection where you become the hero is needed. People can escape their follow the leader mindset and become a deliberate man. (Women also, but sounds better when I use Man.)

A friend of mine when to the Philippines, found a girl friend, had many choices, the girls made him feel like a wanted man, alive and able to make decisions. I was very happy for him, I said,
“Remember this; you will never take crap from another American woman for the rest of your life.”

I do not want to promote macho behavior, I do however want to promote the idea that each one of us the inherent right to be ourselves, we do not need to listen or tolerate opinions of every person around. Yes, I have trusted friend that I give more consideration to than others, however the people who just pass through my life are affable, nice, have too many opinions are noise.

They read it on the internet.
They watch it on television.
They repeat what the another person said,

Did you say the opinion, did you make the decision, or are you repeating what everyone else is saying?
You're Not a Deliberate Man

You're Not a Deliberate Man