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You Wanna See a Big Gun

2008-07-31 01:50:00

You Wanna See a Big Gun
In August of 2003 when I went to Iraq, I saw some big guns and tanks that sounded like Helicopters.

Today I saw one of the bigger guns carried by a man here in Manila, Philippines in front of the Pan Pacific Hotel.

Shoot, I could have just went to the Philippines, a lot simpler… hehehe, but Iraq was a bigger thrill.
Manila, Ermita Philippines
Thursday, July 31, 2008
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A good guy allowed me to take his photo in front of the Pan Pacific Hotel here in Manila, Philippines.

I alwasy chuckle when I walk by the Hotel. The name of the private security company that works in front is called Shooters.

Funny, is my hotel or the Pan Pacific safer, I tend to believe big guns means there is a need. My cheaper hotel has a man that stays up all night, but no gun, as normal always safer to not live in a Five Star Hotel.

Pan Pacific Manila, a nice hotel, at least the front is cleaner than than most, the whole street resembles a construction zone with wash water running down it, this is the only beautiful stretch on the street.

The man on the right has a very large gun, as I understand it, about 1 in 3 soldiers were required to carry this size gun. I met these to American Soldiers in Mosul Iraq in the internet cafe in August of 2003.

This is the same gun, but set up read to use.

Three American Soldiers in Mosul, Iraq in August of 2003, notice their bulletproof vest. This is a hot place, no girls, no beer, not the same as WW II and landing in France with a lot of lonely French girls.

Thank boys, I appreciate you.

I guess, I did not need to go to Iraq, I could just go stay in a Five Star Hotel in Manila, Philippines to see a big gun.

You Wanna See a Big Gun