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You Are Having a Bad Hair Day

2008-07-05 07:01:00

You Are Having a Bad Hair Day
Boy Genius from India made a truly revealing comment, I said something like,
“It is difficult to say anything nice to women, they all seem like they have a cob up their butt.”

He said,
“An insult it the only thing they listen too now.”

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Saturday, July 5, 2008
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If you like a girl, find her attractive, you want to just flirt, maybe it time to forget all that noise. There is no credible reason to be nice to the women of the planet. If you like a girl, it is more effective and efficient to insult them, the girl will pay attention and with this great dysfunctional hook, your chances improve.

We have been walking around thinking of great insults for all occasions.

You Are Having a Bad Hair Day