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Two Bottles of Pepsi

2008-07-20 18:10:00

Two Bottles of Pepsi
A recipe for disaster…

Me and my Thai girlfriend of three years took an all night bus back to Bangkok from Krabi, Thailand.

The bus gave us each a bottle of Pepsi, neither of us drank the Pepsi, I told her very sternly,
“Only carry one bottle, do not take both, leave one on the bus.”

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road
Sunday, July 20, 2008
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There is a principle I live and thrive by,
“The maximum number is two.”

“The maximum number of bags is two.”

“The maximum number of things I can carry is two things.”

She had one backpack, therefore she could also carry one bottle of Pepsi, but what did she do, she sneaked the other bottle into the backpack and felt she was smart when it successfully made it back to our room.

I have been planning and plotting for years to try to take photos of backpacks on Khao San Road who carry three, four, maybe five things in their hands. It is normal to see, a back and front pack, and a plastic bag in both hands, a true recipe for disaster. I see backpacker with shoes hanging off their bags, towels, and pockets stuffed full of junk that would not fit in the main compartment of their bag, a true recipe for being robbed, losing stuff, etc.

The Thailand girl thought is was funny, and for sure losing a Pepsi is not a big deal, but having a bottle of Pepsi break in a bag is a huge problem.

What is this, I see it a some type of greed, we own it, and I refuse to give it up mentality. The number one reason people cannot travel is they refuse to give up or lose what they already have. They collected a car, a house, a job, these objects now own them, and they cannot just walk away.

I wanted her to walk away for bag safety from a bottle of Pepsi and carry the one in her hands. She refused, so for a bottle of Pepsi the contents of the bag were in jeopardy.

When a person buy something, they refuse to just throw it away, I have seen tons of Camel Back Water bags and the Pacsafe mesh thingies that people refuse to throw away when they realize they are stupid. I had a Canadian girl in Ecuador try to give me a Pacsafe, she said it was too heavy, I agreed, and it does not stop theft.

I said,
“Dump it, it is junk, it is worthless to you.”

Nope, she continued down the road, protecting a stupid piece of something she paid a lot of money for, and still believes it has value to her.

I carry from 10-15 pairs of underwear and socks, people think I am crazy, however I know my body is clean and free from fungus and I do not stink. I am always amazed how many tourists and travelers stink because they refuse to carry what they need, yet will carry along an expensive piece of gear or something they believe has value.

Somewhere in this blog post is the secret to being a good traveler, use it a riddle, use it a parable, it is a story that is poignantly accurate. If you cannot see the big deal, please stay home.

Alternatively, I will be again be thanking you for being robbed instead of me, I am always grateful to the mass of tourist and travelers that have serious trouble when traveling the world. They volunteer to have all the problems and be robbed instead of me, I do say,
“Thank You.”

Two Bottles of Pepsi