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Travel Inflation Prices Double Every Three Years

2008-07-16 17:35:00

Travel Inflation Prices Double Every Three Years
The globalization of the cost to travel to tourist destinations has caused inflation at about four to six times the world averages. The consumer prices of hotels, tourist restaurants, are spiraling madly out of control.

The prices of inside the tourist bubble rooms have quadrupled in ten years, they are doubling in price ever 2-3 years now.

The economics of tourism is a bubble waiting to burst.

Railay Beach Krabi Thailand
Thursday, July 17, 2008
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Travel is a luxury, not a need; it is something people do for fun and entertainment. There is just so long, a promoters and marketers can gouge the consumer public before they stop traveling to over-prices tourist destinations.

What is funny, the price of rooms in the center of tourist bubbles is almost the same as going to Europe on a global basis. There is almost no reason for the average Joe traveler to go to what they used to think were cheap countries, they just do not exist for the average buy a tour and go tourist.

This inflation applies only inside the tourist bubbles, where the tourist rent or buy the “you have to be stupid pricing” of promoters, travel agents, Hotels and travel industry marketing all in concert saying you have to pay this.

Travel Magazines work against the consumer, not for them...

The solution for the budget traveler is to understand what a Tourist Bubble is, and live and rent rooms outside the bubble.

I do blame the internet for about 50 percent of the tourist inflations, tantamount to the land swindles also taking place all over the world preying on naïve in love with their favorite tourist destination investors.

I just heard the British are in sell off mode in Goa, India, small indicators of the future.

I remember Jack from Canada; he purchased a Condominium in Acapulco in the 1950’s Tourist boom. He said he paid 25,000 U.S. Dollars and in the year 2000 when he told me this, it was still worth 25,000 Dollars and close to impossible to sell.

In the last three months a quick visit to Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and now back over to Thailand has made this tourist bubble inflation slapped onto my plate and served up, I cannot ignore, I can feel it.

I thought it was just me earning more cash and more willing to spend it, however all the prices of room have quadrupled in ten years, even my old favorite cheapies.

Travel Inflation Prices Double Every Three Years