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The Third World Always Makes Money

2008-07-29 16:48:00

The Third World Always Makes Money
I have been fascinated for years with the economics of the Third World; I will use this phrase as opposed to the Under-developed countries. I think is accurately describes two economic social groups within underdeveloped countries.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Wednesday, July 30, 2008
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There are always two social groups inside the under-developed countries like the Philippines. There is the average under-developed average Joe Group who really just wants to earn a just amount of money for their services or products. Then there is the Third World group in transition to becoming First World.

What is hilarious to me is you can trust the lower rungs of economic groups and the upper levels; however, the middle level the Third World group always makes money. It is about the money, not about the people.

1. Under-developed business group - Small 2-5 employees, more or less just your average worker in any country. Honest, easy to deal with, helps not greedy, sublimated profits and a desire to get a just amount of money from their work, no more, no less.

2. Third World business economic group - 5-11 employees
Greedy, always makes money on first try, no sublimated profits, become very good at selling, marketing and convincing everyone they are honest, forthright and a good company. However, normally working on semi-corrupt deals, whereby there is always a sweetheart under the table situation that helps them produce, or they are paid more than a just amount, therefore are happy to produce, because over-paid. Employees are normally paid less than the minimum wages for the country. This minimum wage thing is more or less a joke anyway, nothing to do with reality. There is more a subsistence wage policy in effect, gives a person a job, however does not allow the worker to thrive or have mobility. Most workers at this level have no real skills of value, which would enable them to change jobs.

3. First World business groups - Above 11 employees.
This groups views the buyer as their life-blood, they also know they must keep their employees happy. Everyone both the buyers of the product and services and the employees of the First World companies are happy with their jobs. At this level, there can be rapid growth for the companies because the contracts keep piling up, and their list of happy customers and employees grows. There is a final stage though in a business where nobody remembers the core founders, loses interest, and reverts down to Third World mentality until the business either implodes or is purchased.

I am trying to make and manufacture backpacks here in the Philippines, I am always hoping the Third World mentality will disappear, I am always and optimist, hoping to with a firm persistence to find the number 1 Under-developed business group and help them to transition into a First World group, they only thing that stops them is the inability to sublimate.

Animals must jump in line to eat or be eaten; it is a primitive emotional status. The Third World group makes money on every move; they never lose money or invest money in the future, they only invest when needed, not when it would help the growth of their business.

The normal people of a most countries are happy to just make money honestly, however have trouble in the dog eat dog world as they grow, if they can pass on through the Third World phase, without becoming greedy or dishonest they can become a First World Business.

I am fascinated with this developing proposition or theory. The Third World business ventures normally sabotage their success, more or less cutting the hamstring of business development for the country.

Honesty is the best policy.

The Third World Business is like an excepionally beutiful girl, they use their looks to succed, but in the end, the become old and ugly, because they fail to see that beauty is just skin deep.

The Third World Always Makes Money