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The Solution to Poverty

2008-07-26 18:53:00

The Solution to Poverty
The solution is not to give poor people money, no matter what you do 5-10 percent of the people of the planet refuse to work. Giving them money enables them and the governments of countries to not work or take responsibility.

The solution is to give every person over 55-60 a minimum set amount of money whereby all older people on the planet over 55-60 could live after this age without working.
Manila, Ermita Philippines
Saturday, July 26, 2008
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I do not care whether they worked, paid in, was a total jerk, lazy, whatever the case, a person over 55-60 needs to have social security money sufficient to live.

As of today, the retirement plan, and the social security money plan of the world is babies.

The more babies the Mother and Fathers have, the more likely they can hope that one of their children loves them enough to support them when they are old.
Example, look at Europe, whopping high taxes in countries like Norway, the number one country on the Human Development Scale. Yet, what is happening in Europe, they do not have enough babies to even keep the population at zero growth, they are reducing in size. If not for the constant immigration countries like France would stop. France actually gives economic benefits to mother so they will have a baby.

Babies, the retirement plan of the world, this has to stop.

You hear parent says,
“I hope my children are willing to take care of me when I am old.”

Please remember, 5-10 percent of people will not work unless they are starving, allow them to starve. I have the missing parts theory, to give to beggars they must have missing parts, an arm, a foot, their eyes, but even then it the people of the countries responsibility it not another countries duty, responsibility or ethical need to help other countries with poverty.

If the people of a country are tired of their abusive leaders, I am 100 percent in favor or covert or overt overthrow of bad governments with abusive leaders. I just wish the CIA did a better job, get with it boys.

The Solution to Poverty