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The Pendulum of Racism Swings

2008-07-25 16:53:00

The Pendulum of Racism Swings
I watch on Television Obama the presidential candidate getting a huge and warm welcome from a group of German people in Berlin.

Germany, in my opinion, one of the most racist developed countries on the planet, clapping, waving, standing ovations, applaud.

This is good for the world to see, the black people of the planet should feel grateful, and racism is dying.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Saturday, July 26, 2008
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Racism happens when one group of people believe they are superior to another group of people, and for sure Germans have this behavior, and Obama being welcome, a good thing, Germany is making progress.

I feel the reason racism exist is because of social status, when there is a first class, a second class, and third class, I feel alienated. I want nothing to do with first class, second-class service, normally choose third class, I am average class.

“Well, Obama, even though I do not believe he would make a good president, he has proven his status as a first class person; he has shown his race to be first class, however he has not proven his people as Average Class."

Now, this is very true, however as I see it, all blacks, women, Mexicans, Islamic are equal. Stupid people, the most segregated and abused minority on the planet, then the direct effect of them being poor.

Poor people are not treated as equal, why, because we naturally feel superior to a poor or stupid person, but this is an off-centered way of thing, not the right Karma.

Now, I am not a big fan of tourist, I can say they are stupid, naïve, generally a group of high status people who want to prove they are high status by their actions. The root problem of racism, one person feels superior to another.

When a pendulum swings, it may give people too much, I feel women and blacks are in the present epoch of the USA history entering their glory days. The pendulum has swung to their side, the average white boy, (Me) is the “Persona non grata

I often laugh at tourist hotels, homosexuals are for sure more welcome in the hotels than the Alpha Male, the minority is exclusive while average or normal is a lessor. Would like to read, "Alpha Male Welcome, instead of Gay Friendly." but the truth is, I want neither comment.

I do hope these pendulum starts to swing to the center and equal position as I am increasing becoming tired of being the “Persona non grata.”

I have been to Africa three times, however, when I am there, I do not see black people from the USA, and I see mostly White People as tourist. Please try to think about this, status, the constant desire to increase our social or economic status. Why do African Americans not go visit Africa often, my proposition is that blacks would consider going to Africa as a low status move.

As you can see, Obama is in Germany, a white bread country, not in Ghana, Kenya, or his ancestor country.

Racism, I feel at the root is about a person trying to say,
“I am cool, look at me.”

Why is my photo not on this site, I do not want daily life status, I do not want people to give me special status in Hotels. I just want to be the average white boy. I use the theme as Hobo in many ways to open the mind of people, to get them to look at the world from a different perspective.

I think a lot about Obama and McCane, I would like to vote.
“None of the Above.”

As for me, if I voted for what is easy for me, I would vote for Obama, then I would hear less from the Euro Trash, the constant the USA did this, the USA did that may lesson. I am sure if president, Obama will go over and suck up to Europe as he is now. I truly do not care if the president is liked or disliked by the rest of the world, and especially Europe. If he were celebrated in Africa, I would feel a sense of warmth. But his job is President is to be President of the USA, not to be President of Blacks or Europe, I do not think he know this, but I am keeping my eye on the job description.

To not give status to a person, to treat a person that considers himself or herself high status as a normal person is a good way to have troubles in life. What do the blacks often say?
“Do not dis me.”

I guess this means,
“do not disrespect me.”

Respect for all people also means we criticize. I really could give a crap whether the person is black, white, yellow, women of flaming homosexual. I will give them equal respect, I will do that Golden Rule thing, and I will treat them as I expect them to treat me. I will not treat them as above though; I just treat, as I want to be treated.

What is the basic nature of humans; I feel it is the desire to set themselves apart, to say to others, I am above you. I am First Class and I have the big car and house to prove it… too funny for words.

As for me, I will keep minimizing my status in life; never take free rooms, transportation, or tours from the tourist industry. I just want to travel and meet the world, it is a good place, never met a country that was below the USA, I will never celebrate their poverty to make me look better.

The Pendulum of Racism Swings

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