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The Global Economy is Failing

2008-07-20 19:06:00

The Global Economy is Failing
“If we fail to act soon, we will face an economic, social and political crisis that will threaten our free institutions.”
Jimmy Carter, "The President's Proposed Energy Policy." 18 April 1977

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road
Sunday, July 20, 2008
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It is very easy to forget pain, if a women remember the pain of childbirth she would never have the second baby.

I remember vaguely when the USA had all these rules of what you could or could not do with gas, there were lines at the gas station, the country was worried.

I am worried about the economy of the world, I am now hoping gas goes up to 10 Dollars per gallon and I hope extremely quick. I hope it happens fast enough to shock the world into realizing gas is not unlimited and as of today, we desperately need gas to thrive as a world.

My friend seems to think it is unethical to wish bad to happen to people, I indeed do wish bad upon people, I wish a very bad recession to happen in the USA, I want the country to experience a very severe correction in the economy. I want the country to go through some tough times, the reason is this, it can be even worst than a recession, it can be a depression.

I do not believe people generally learn from reading, watching television or seeing documentaries. I think they learn the hard way, I continually must watch people fail when there was plenty of warning, there is some mechanism in the head that says,
“It will never happen to me, it is the other person.”

I have had the great fortune in life, I broke my femur in four places and walked around on crutches for a year, almost died in intensive care. I became alcoholic, lost all my friend and most of my family. I lost my drivers license for 10 years and had to spend one year on house arrest. I then had to declare bankruptcy losing about 15 homes I purchased. I have had a lot of miserable things happen to me in my life, but I am positive,
“Life is good.”

We really have no choice, life is good, or your life is good, what are you going to do, have a bad life, this is just not a good option, life has to be good.

I really enjoy seeing a young man or women have some real manageable hardship, not overwhelming to the point where they give up for the rest or their live, but manageable hardships.

Most people never feel real failure, where they know to they was the 100 percent reason for their failure.

I am 100 percent responsible for all the people that I harmed by my irresponsible behavior when I was either drunk, stupid, or childishly selfish in my behavior. I have not drank or caused problems in over 20 years, I have done my best to be a good person, to try my best to learn from my failures.

I am 100 percent sure these failures made me a better man, I apologize to know one now, I paid all the prices and more for my failures.

However, I do know I had the world by the short hairs when I was 18-20, I had the brains, the looks, the personality to accomplish anything, I was the American dream, the blond hair surfer boy, with all the brains a person could ever want.

I see the USA as the blond haired arrogant boy I once was, the person who thought he was untouchable.

I learned my lesson, I know everyone can have a world of horror rain down in their lives, we live our lives on a small precipice, always believing it will happen to someone else, and tomorrow that someone else can be you.

I do not want to be the person to say,
“I told you so.”

But right now I am still hoping the world gets a big hard dose of reality, 10 dollars per gallon for gas and a lot of people laid off, losing their jobs and thinking what went wrong. I do not want the economies of the world implode, I do not want a depression.

I have a lot of hope, I know that losing a job is just a minor thing in life, losing your sense of self-worth is worst, to lose faith in yourself, to lose your pride is tragic.

I do hope for a severe recession right now for the world, I feel it the only reasonable solution to what I see is unbridled greed and lack of humility that is prevalent in the world.

Humility is to accept that we are human, I have had some type of illness in my body, I told the a lady on the plane,
“The worst is I can die.”

She saw this as being an extremely bad thing, I thought to myself,
“She just does not get it, we do not get out of life alive, we die.”

We do not live forever, but each and every person has the ability to look before they cross the street to see if it is safe.

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