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Sandals versus Shoes for Travel

2008-07-09 19:30:00

Sandals versus Shoes for Travel
I am sure gear shops make thousands or millions of dollars selling shoes for travel, as if you walk different traveling then you do at home. There are some considerations, but generally, you should wear the shoes you like and comfortable.

I have found a new twist to save money and shoes, and I want my 35 Dollar Reeboks to last one to two years, I learn a trick.

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Thursday, July 10, 2008
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First, I only have a couple pieces of advice, do not buy new shoes and go climb a mountain, trek, or walk for over 10 kilometers of miles, do not plan big hikes with new shoes. Test your new shoes by wearing until they are part of your feet, or you throw them, think before walking and talking.

Second, you old business types, please buy shoes, you just look too silly walking around in shorts with black dress shoes, and black socks. Just ask the person at the store to sell you some running shoes and the socks, do not engage your brain, pay the money, whatever it takes to look non-silly fashionalbe.

After that, it really doe not matter which shoes, I do not know anybody personally that climbs Mount Everest, ooops, I guess I do know one guy, and maybe he does need special shoes

35 U.S. Dollars for these shoes, good for about one year of travel. I recommend my Reeboks, I think a British company that has them made in Indonesia, the ones made in Thailand the rubber stinks, you do not want stinky shoes in a one-room home. I tried to find and buy in Indonesia, but had no luck, to find the originals sold on the side, I suspect Reeboks is a good company. Note, these shoes will go good with a pair of Khaki Pants, nice, happy and bright, a bottle of white shoe polish in the hands of a small street urchin can make them nice again, those smelly, greyand brown mountain gym type shoes just look silly when you try to wear civilized clothes for that one time you get invited to anything semi-formal.

Nevertheless, this is not the tip…

Sandals or Shoes

I buy them sandals near Khao San Road for 50 Baht, about 1.5 U.S. Dollars and they last about 3-4 months, I can slip them off to be Asian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or any other culture who wants me to take my shoes off to enter rooms, hmm, do Philippine girls want my shoes off, not important.

People seem to like to call them slippers, some people call them shower shoes, do not buy the leather ones, it is like walking on concrete, you want padding.

The Israeli Velcro type are nice, but does not save money, just a fancy shoe and hard to take off to be Asian.

I want my 35 Dollar Reeboks to last one to two years, the bottom of my shoes, my feet, anything below my feet wears out, I have learn that it is a lot cheaper and better to wear out sandals for casual walking, which really is about 90 percent of my waking. I save or conserve the bottom of the shoes by wearing sandals whenever possible.

If you need to wear sturdy walking shoes, tough, durable, because you are going to walk for miles, you may want to ask yourself,
“Am I on vacation or at work?”

By remembering to walk in Sandals, I can make them Reeboks last for 1.5-2 years. I must return to the USA to buy those shoes, I have had little luck buying in other countries, I suppose the sell them in Europe for 70 U.S. Dollars.

By the way, thanks Shoe Carnival, my vendor or choice, send money now... you too Reeboks, I am kidding.

Sandals versus Shoes for Travel