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Professional Bags Philippines

2008-07-30 05:01:00

Professional Bags Philippines
I interviewed the second bag company from the Philippines today.

After my first SNAFU, this was like a breath of fresh air, they were professional, and I learn a lot from the company.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Wednesday, July 30, 2008
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A brother and sister team, a large company, air-conditioned office, many workers actively walking around like something was happening.

I met a couple of Pros; I hope we can come to terms that are acceptable.

I did learn something about bag companies today; they show know a lot more than me about how to manufacture bags. This made me feel good, a Bag company from the Philippines should know more than me, and teach me, there should not be the feeling that I am teaching them.

This company gave me a class in Backpacks today.

What was amazing, she went into great detail about how to draw the bag; they work from drawings, not from copies. This is the first company I have ever encountered that works from drawing. The other always needed a sample bag more than they needed the drawings. I have always felt like I was wasting my time with drawings, I do them for me, not the company, but this company even explained how to draw the bags so they could understand. I think they want closer to three-dimensional renditions more than just drawings, but I do understand.

How to proceed, I will still make all the patterns and while I am doing the patterns, I will further revise the backpack. I do not live in the Philippines, not sure how to get one pack done in the Philippines before my return plane ticket to Bangkok but I am a persistent person, so all will happen eventually.

Whatever the case, with a set of patterns and about anybody on a sewing machine including myself I can get two samples made.

With a good set of drawings, I can get a quotation for another sample to be made and after they personally make one sample, they will give me a quotation for large numbers.

I can tell you this, making a great backpack is not easy.

Professional Bags Philippines

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