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Pay More Get Less Travel

2008-07-15 19:29:00

Pay More Get Less Travel
There must be some theory, maybe related to the Law of Diminishing Returns, whatever the case; there is no relationship between paying more and getting better service or quality when traveling.

I keep trying to upgrade my quality of living by paying more, and it always slaps me in the face, I pay more, I get less.

Railay Beach Krabi Thailand
Wednesday, July 16, 2008
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I was very sad, there was these bungalows up on the top of the stone rock hill called the Rapala here on Railay Beach. The first time I visited about five years ago, they were new, clean, cost 150 Baht per night, and a happy new place to live. I do not think they have done any maintenance in the last five years, they are a dilapidated pile of misery, and they wanted 350 Baht, pay more get less.

There is something backwards in Tourist areas, they try to under deliver and over-charge, it is a thorn in my butt, the longer a tourist paradise exist, the less it is paradise.

We went down the hill, got a room in what we thought was a fancy Resort, there was a special going on for 3 nights for 1000 Baht, still, pay more get less. The room is like living in a box, flush the toilet with a bowl Thailand system, no hot water, mosquito net….

“Always beware when you see a Mosquito Net, this is not a romantic thing, and it means the rooms were designed badly.”

We could go pay 2000 Baht, live in higher price misery; there is just no correlation between money and the enjoyment of a room.

I cannot return to old favorite hotels, even the best hotels I know, become a mess over time. I depend mostly on word of mouth reviews of people returning from Islands, this used to work good, now the Flashpacker bunch just pays saying,
“It is cheaper than home.”

This just continues the never-ending spiral of inflated Tourist prices where people are always happy getting less and paying more, Tourist areas inflate about five times faster than normal parts of a country.

It is tiresome to always search for a quality Hotel for the proper price; the more I pay for the Hotel, and the less the services and quality they give for the money, as they benefit and my benefits diminish. Mosquitoes and Ants in my room, you would think the world would learn how to solve this problem, however there is no need, somebody will always pay, and we have no choice.

This is the Rapala Bungalows when nice and happy for 150 Baht, now imagine them with no work for five years for 350 Baht. If you want the best Hotel, rent the rooms in the newest hotel on the beach, anything over three years becomes a risk.

Hotel would do better to get rid of all their reception people and hire only maintenance people.

The only solution find the new tourist destinations and the new Hotels, staying one step ahead of the mob. There is always a new beach, a new undiscovered paradise, and it will only exist for one brief time in your life, you cannot return.

Pay More Get Less Travel