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Meeting with Backpack Factory

2008-07-27 17:45:00

Meeting with Backpack Factory
I am to meet with a woman who is the owner of a Backpack or Bag Factory here in the Philippines today.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Monday, July 28, 2008
Blog of Andy --- --- Backpack Design Survey

I have a Microsoft Word Database list of 889 concepts, parts, uses for the bag, and the problems with a backpack that I have been continually checking. I now have 10 separate 8.5 x 11 Paint Drawings of the various panels or sides of the Backpack.

I have been reviewing every survey submitted. I hope there will be many more people will submit, there are now 26 submissions. I will choose some a few people from this list to be Beta Testers whereby they will receive a free bag to use and keep. To be eligible, click here and complete the survey.
Long-Term Traveler Backpack Design Survey

It is quiet obvious that some of the people do not separate or see the difference between travel and trekking. Anyway, I do this; the goal is to make a comfortable backpack that could be used for trekking. I would suspect it would only lose its hiking value after above five days, and then a normal hiking pack may be of more value.

I estimate for the six-month world traveler, the people actually could use a hiking pack for only about 10 days in the six months on average. This is not even a significant amount of time to influence the bag design towards Hiking, but I will include hiking aspects. They are easy to incorporate, less strict, however there is no way to make a good travel back as balanced as a bag that should be curved around the body, and have weight distribution areas specially designed for the body. A travel bag more or less has a carry on size 14 x 22 x 9 size that works for Airplanes, while weight distribution should be the goal of sizes of hiking backpacks.

I will go to the internet café soon, print out the 10 page at 5 pesos per page, then go to meet the Factory owner.

Meeting with Backpack Factory