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Making Backpack Patterns

2008-07-28 19:41:00

Making Backpack Patterns
I have entered about 10 Backpack Factories around the world that make runs of less than 1000 bags. They all have about the same methods of making the Backpacks, they first make a pattern.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Tuesday, July 29, 2008
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This is a photo of my workshop. (a.k.a Hotel Room)

I am taking this hard cardboard and cutting the patterns for the Windmill Backpack. I have 10 drawing, all in great detail. I have made 11 sample bags before; communicating with the workers is close to impossible so in reality, you need to either cut the patterns or make a sample. There is normally one fabric cutter or master cutter who could make a back from scratch, but the design would not be the same as your drawing.

However, this is the problem, they normally just copy bags, there are very few original designs made, a good copy, with a few modifications. There are few original designs made, more or less just modifications of other designs.

I will take this cardboard to the factory for them to use to cut the fabric for the Backpack. Making backpack patterns is not difficult if you are also a good drafter. I excelled in drafting in high school, and these skills are beneficial in making backpack patterns.

Engineering the backpack patterns, or engineering the bag so it functions is the challenge, not the drafting. There is about a 10-20 percent difference between my drawing and the actual pattern. As I make the backpack pattern, I do some minor revisions to adapt to my eyes. What seem logical on a computer graphic is not necessary logical when you see it, and when we make one sample, there will be some final revisions.

This backpack is more complicated than I think the factory has ever made, even though I saw at least 50 different models in their showroom.

So this shop looks a little like a home, well guess what, almost every factory I have ever entered looked a lot like a home also.

Making Backpack Patterns

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