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Getting to Know Countries Better

2008-07-09 15:52:00

Getting to Know Countries Better
A person commented on what I consider one of my funniest and culturally significant posts I have ever made.
“instead of wasting your time. you should get to know these countries better.”

Taliban Discovered in Huaquillas Ecuador

I rejected the comment, just mean spirited, however it does pose two questions.

“Can I waste my time in a country?”
“Should I get to know countries better?”

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Thursday, July 10, 2008
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I sometime say, the prime directive of travel is to enjoy yourself, I have to admit, this was one of the best half hours of funny time spent in 10 years of travel, and I laughed for days.

Waste to time? I do not have a clue what is a waste of my time, I truly am Latino with this idea of time, I continually stop the American culture part of me that tries to maximize learning and use of time, these two behaviors are contra productive to enjoying life. What makes life enjoyable is just following my nose, enjoying what is in front of me, you know, that smell the roses thing, not much learning going on, however enjoyable, learning is highly over rated as a way to enjoy life, it interferes when done as a requirment of living.

As for knowing countries better, I would say this person really wants me to not know countries better, he or she does not want me to see the real culture and country, and they want me to see what they consider special. This is definitely not knowing a country, this is be contempt before consideration, the truly prejudice mind editing the world before they give it a chance to reveal its real self.

There is a real mental and emotional problem on planet earth, a true inability to empathize. I do not want to be told what to do by you, I do not think I should tell you what to do, what do you call that, a paraphrased version of the Golden Rule I learn in Sunday school.

Now this person telling me what I should and should not do is colloquial language, more or less expressing an opinion strongly, I think the person thought I wasted his or her time. Well, I think the person needs to learn about the Mouse connected to a computer and how to stop clicking, and/or reading. I suspect the person had some guilt pains after reading the whole things, having some sexual thoughts, and was angry with him or herself, was angry because he or she read the whole post, then to double up, make a comment that was too funny.

The person was afraid of his or her own thoughts.

This is the kicker about open-minded travel, there are worlds of funky thoughts that cross the brain, and people being people are prone to accepting temptations. Temptation rules their life, I am not prone to this, however do know that I have a huge problem with the Butter Pecan Ice Cream thing, and should not be close to it. Amazing to most Alcoholic like me, I can sit next to a beer for weeks and not have the slightest desire to drink it, maybe repulsion like feeling the enemy is near, but not temptation.

Editing temptation to taste the real world is sad, to mentally moderate, stop, cease to see or feel what real people on the planet are doing is sad to me. People are good, they are not bad, they do some crazy thing, they do not think about it much, they just do it, and there is no real harm in most things.

I get really annoyed at all the proclivities of average normal people, they do obsess on drinking and fashion, but it is my problem, I must avoid them, think continually ways to avoid them, but lets face it, this is real people, I just am tired sometimes of seeing so many real things. I would like to see a few more noble people in my day. People are pigs at the feed trough called life, the eat anything and do anything in front of their day.

I suppose there is nothing noble about going to see a Cabaret in Ecuador, but it was for sure one of them experiences that still make me chuckle, I commend these Ecuador people for having a sense of humor, while doing what people do best, and often.

Getting to Know Countries Better