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For Hotels the First Principle of Sales

2008-07-23 19:27:00

For Hotels the First Principle of Sales
I have been laughing, there is a reason why the Hyatt is a good hotel and the reason most businesses people NEED to stay there.

98 percent of Hotels, Tour Companies, Internet Web Sites and the whole travel industry does know diddle about sales.

I sold around 80-90 Residential and Commercial piece of Real Estate per year in a prior life.

The average Real Estate agent in the USA sells 7, I sold the same amount as 10-15 agents, I was a Broker and a Real Estate Instructor, and I was a marketing expert. The average commission per sale is around 2000 U.S. Dollars. I walked around in Sandals and a pair of shorts, never a suit, never a tie, I was the life of leisure, and highly rewarded for my skills, still dressed like a Hobo.

People used to ask me why I sold so many, I would say,
“I know how to give good directions over the phone, and I ask two questions? Do you want to see it? Do you want to buy it?”
People did not like that answer, they thought I has some secret wand, some secret magic.

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road
Thursday, July 24, 2008
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The First Principal of Sales
1. Describe and demonstrate the product.

I am having a Debit Card sent to the Manila, Philippines with Federal Express overnight, which will take three days to get there.

I called my Hotel, trying to learn the Address.
The girl a desk did not know the postal code, she ask another girl, she says,
“There is no postal code.”
I know there is, but you cannot force a person to be smart, brains are not that way. I have a photo of the business card from the Hotel; the card has the address, but no postal code.

We need the postal code, so what do I do? There are two major Hotel Chains within two or three blocks of the Hotel. I get on the internet and find these to Hotels hoping to find the same Postal Code.

Now, pretend you are businessperson, you are flying from New York, to Manila, Philippines, you want to stay there, negotiate a deal. The in house attorneys draft a contract, some marketing materials are made, and a separate sample of a product needs sent.

The secretary or assistant says to the old school boss, not that smart, just has been there for a long time and does have some practical understanding.
“I will overnight, FedEx it to you." (This takes three days)

Now, this secretary or assistant must find the Address of the Hotel an try to give notice a package will arrive for Joe Blow and maybe it arrives early, so he has a reservation, he is coming.

The secretary or assistant needs and address, telephone, etc, to be able to send the package. She gets on both of these sites,

The Hyatt has the complete address on front page, WITH the Postal Code, while the other does not. He or she calls the boss, change your reservation,
“Stay in the Hyatt.”

Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

Best Western Hotel La Corona Manila

This is how a business class Hotel should work, what is funny to me, the 20 dollars Hotel where I will be staying could do the same, there is nothing stopping a 20 dollars Hotel from competing with a 200-dollar hotel, except they do not have marketing experts, they manage a Hotel.

By the way, I would not stay in this Hyatt, I do not think they have WIFI internet access in the room, and mine does! I need WIFI Internet in the room, more than I need someone to suck up to me, I chose the Hotel, because in the end, it fits MY needs better than the Hyatt, a better value for the buck.

I am making a Hotel Booking site called . I am 100 percent sure, I am fully cognizant, and a business or an internet site does not start out perfect. I had to holler at a friend other day, I am not, this is too silly of a comparison presently, this is a work in process, but damn well better already than 90 percent of all hotels sites on the planet.

Ok, now because I am a true traveler, I encounter a steady stream of problems with Hotel, more or less the whole Travel Industry. I found there is a glitch in our system, Hotels are not putting in their Postal Codes, we will now put this to the coders for a change, we will add the postal code, city, and etc. fields to get the Hotels serious. This is the simple explanation, we already have plans where they must upload graphics of business card, maps, and brochures and then give them a point system on how complete they fill out the form.

The reason I finally decided to make this huge site, was that I have never found a site even close to helping a hotel to Describe and demonstrate the product, the hotel. This site, is the Hotels answer to a Webmaster, they want a great internet site, however just consider this, is a techie coder a god person to make marketing materials? All for FREE

On the other hand, if a business really wants to do better, it must continually improve as we are doing with the site.

This is too much fun; I truly know how to help a Hotel to sell their product or service. Describe and demonstrate the product.

Hotels wonderfully daily annoy me; I wonderfully know we can help them to succeed. Let them make a beautiful “Field of Dreams” hotels, let us provide their inernet presense, we can manage the marketing, all they have to do it fill in the blanks and follow the instructions, no webmaster needed, but would be good to help load up photos and add descriptions.

All this begets the question, why is sort of scraggy site, geez whiz, I am a Hobo, what do you want…

For Hotels the First Principle of Sales