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Expats Gold Rush in the Philippines

2008-07-31 04:43:00

Expats Gold Rush in the Philippines
Expatriates, the wanted and the unwanted are a strange bunch, clothed in confusion, they have real dreams.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Thursday, July 31, 2008
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Manila, Philippines is a good place to study Expatriates of the planet. They are an interesting social group, for the most part, playing pool, drinking beer, and buying boom girls, this is the job title of the average Expat in the Philippines.

There is maybe 25 percent that get motivated and they seem to be going to a Gold Rush.

I have no idea how they can be so busy; however, there are Expats who rush from here to there, making telephone calls and saying they have appointments. I listen, I try to understand, I leave for a year and come back and nothing changes, the majorities are still chasing Gold at the end of some rainbow.

There are people who leave the big pond of their home country and go swim in a small pond like the Philippines. They wish to be a big fish and all their lives they was a small fish. Expats all over the world are up to something, chasing some dream.

I call them the True Believers, they believe they will one day be rich, and for sure, they will tell you tomorrow they find the Gold for years on end.

Note, a sub-class are pure con men.

I hope a few become a big fish, some really do have dreams, others have delusions of adequacy.

Expats Gold Rush in the Philippines