Diagnosis Ulcer

2008-07-26 20:07:00

Diagnosis Ulcer
I have done three test, blood, urine, and stool, I thought my kidneys were involved, today I am about 80-90 percent sure today I have an ulcer.

Go on a fast, not eat and I think the ulcer will tell you...

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Sunday, July 27, 2008
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The test all said I do not have kidney problems, and I am happy, I would rather have an ulcer than Kidney problems.

I took extreme measures, a no excuse change in diet, I now do not eat processed foods, no coffee, sugar, food additive and spicy food, and I eat a very mundane and boring diet…

Vegetable, Fruits, Nuts and Chicken.

This diet is full of small exceptions, whereby it accommodates the real world. For example, I must eat; I must live in social world. If I am invited to a house, I must allow some small additions to food so I can eat. If the salt is added, I will still eat it, however I do not add salt

I do not get bent out of shape if I find they gave me Tang or an Orange drink and not real Orange juice. This diet has to accommodate real life, and I keep my intentions correct.

This stopped my symptoms pain in the side, a burning sensation, close to where the kidneys are located.

What happened when this started, I was in Mexico, went on a no food diet, close to a fast, just three pieces of bread per day. I was drinking about 8 glasses of coffee, maybe 16 cups of coffee. I became weak; there was a spot on my stomach skin.

I gave up this diet, went to a normal diet, and flew to Guatemala, hoping it would go away. While in Guatemala I made a 3 am trip to the common toilet, whereby I passed out and fell into the shower. My body was bubbling in this location; it was as if I could feel the blood moving.

Prior to all this, I was eating some dried milk, I love this stuff, I eat it with a spoon. I had a complete attack, I went to the doctor, they said I had high blood pressure, yes, but temporary. I geot some test, they said I have parasite, I take medicine and kill them. I get a test in Thailand and they say there are no parasites.

I discovered that milk is a problem for ulcers today.

Long story, but sometimes it is easier to test a physical problem by implementing the solution, or exacerbating the problem to make it reveals itself.

The solution to an Ulcer is to eat 6 times per day, disperse them, I suppose waking up at night an eating again would be good. I guess we put something in the stomach for the stomach acids to attack and not the lining of the stomach or intestines.

I came to Manila, the Supermarket is good, and it is extremely easy to eat vegetables and fruits. I wanted to lose weight; I want to get back down to proper weight. I stopped eating the nuts, full of fats, and reduce my food intake by about half. I am losing weight, but the pain has returned.

Ooops, Andy, willpower is great, but this is too much, you cannot just stop eating. A diet of Vegetable and Fruits, this seems too easy to digest; I need to go back to eating the oatmeal I had in Thailand.

The pain was almost zeros in Thailand; I was eating oatmeal, not really processed, whole in nature.

What is good, I read that bananas are good, not sure, but easy to buy bananas and have sitting around the room for a few days, I can eat at different times and give the stomach something to eat beside the stomach or intestines. I truly believe the problem is right as the digested food leaves the stomach in the intestines or colon.

Long and drawn out, but I am also presently on a 10 day medicine treatment to kill the bacteria Helicobacter pylori. Medicine in Thailand can be purchase over the counter, a Thailand Pharmacist outline the treatment.

Treatment of H Pylori

Home Remedies for Ulcers READ THIS Very good!

Truly, a person should not diagnosis themselves, but then again, what if the doctors cannot understand English. The internet is a never-ending information sources. Although many people have no ability to make good choices, I do believe about 1 in 50 are capable of making good choices.

Strange as it sounds, but Travelers, the long-term types are normally capable of solving many problems that baffles the average person. Truly a MacGyver attitude is needed to travel the planet continuously, a good hands on, solving mechanical problems.

To say the least, going on strict diets does not seem like a good idea, my present extreme diet is going to adjust my weight, there is no doubt, this is a healthy way to eat, however I need to eat more, too much willpower does not help.

Diagnosis Ulcer

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