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Calling Telephones versus

2008-07-10 18:18:00

Calling Telephones versus is not a new idea, there were many systems before that allowed you to call computer to computer or computer to landline, this is not new. However, was the first effective company, and now Yahoo Voice is becoming a great alternative to for many reasons, in a way, I think Yahoo may be better.

Yahoo Voice Rates Rates

Do not buy rates, buy the bundle of services you need, please do not keep changing your email address or telephone number, this is really not professional or friendly.
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Thursday, July 10, 2008
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---------------------------------- is cheaper, it cost about one cent per minute, and is 2 cents per minute to call a landline. The second reason is that is blocked in some countries, while they allow Yahoo because the locals have Yahoo Mail accounts, and cannot just stop Yahoo or they will have many angry people, but never got into the country to start.

Cheaper and more countries, part of my present email account, I am thinking maybe Yahoo Voice is better, the verdict has not came in, but has many problems.

I have a Yahoo mail account, I chat with Boy Genius in India, I chat with a few others people, now right from the Yahoo Messenger control panel I can decide to talk with them, or I can decided to call a land line number. I just added money to the Yahoo Voice system and I am going to start to test Yahoo more, I have used in the past to call computer to computer, but I am going to try the option to call landlines.

Unfortunately, 99 percent of the people I want to call refuse to learn about computers, or make my life easy; they demand I do the work of making their lives simple. 20 percent really do not understand at any level, and this is ok, I understand, yet the other business types are just arrogantly having lack of consideration and no desire to be a professional, just plain lazy.

We test out companies on communication skills, do they reply to emails, do they have Yahoo Messenger, Gmail Talk, do they reply from the same email all the time, or do they constantly change emails and lose contact.

Yahoo Voice is a good alternative now to plus a the way I understand it the Voice Mail option is in your email box, and I think this is a world of benefits better than the system. I in the end have to adapt to the people I call, they do not adapt to help me, so I have Yahoo and Talk, I really do not have much of a choice. I also have a cell phone so when needed, a person can call me.

I have zero desire to get cell phone calls, do not even carry it, maybe about 10 percent of the time, I am not in the telephone answering business and my friends in the USA normally are not smart enough to call me, I must call them.

Boy Genius says, should give numbers away for free, then we would all get hooked, or connected and not want to change numbers, I agree, they are dropping the ball by making people pay for numbers.

I suspect eventually the big Telephone Companies, like maybe called Telecoms like Verizon in the USA will decide to slow down because in reality, and Yahoo Voice are just resellers of Verizon and all the other Telecom Companies. However, in the end, Verizon is losing the whole competition because they refuse to allow people any freedom to use the internet and telephone services as they please, they demand the postpaid system that is being replaced on the rest of the planet by prepaid cards, no expensive contracts.

Steve a true world business traveler put together this information:
JULY 20008

Yahoo Voice,
(accessed through yahoo Messenger)
Inbound phone calls: (Phone In) number, $29.90/year or 2.99/month. Outbound Phone Calls: (Phone Out) Rates are cheaper, no connection fees.
No unlimited call fees. No call forwarding.Help Menu:
Call history and account info at Inbound phone calls (skypeIn number) $60 or half off w/ unlimited planOutbound phone calls (SkypeOut) charges connecton fees or VATRates:
Unlimited calling plan w/ voicemail & Skype2Go: North America $2.95/mo; 34 countries $9.95 ( America or 34 country plan permits unlimited calls from anywhere to numbers in those areas.Call forwarding at normal rates

Calling Telephones versus