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Boy Genius from India in Thailand

2008-07-04 03:48:00

Boy Genius from India in Thailand
Boy Genius from India has arrived in Bangkok, Thailand so we can improve the site quicker.

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Thursday, July 3, 2008
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Boy Genius has now worked for the site and associated sites for a few years. I have given him a percentage of the site, wherby he has a stake in his 6.5 million page site.

We are very proud of the site, and hope to it thrives.

Boy Genius is planning to travel around Southeast Asia for a few months, and this is an excellent decision. I feel that by traveling the planet he will learn to empathize with all the situation and problems of travelers and tourists. Moreover, by living in hotels, he will have a hand on experience that allows our sites to be extremely relevant to users.

We hope as we add additional PHP coders, Graphics, Writers and other specialty needs these people also will travel the planet. It would be really a wonderful thing to have a site made by traveler for travelers. It is one thing to make a Travel site; it is another thing to say you have traveled for 10 year inside the world of travel and understand.

This is really a global website and workers will be from all the countries on the planet.

Boy Genius from India in Thailand