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Bangkok Traffic Jams

2008-07-28 21:29:00

Bangkok Traffic Jams
I believe over 20 years ago Bangkok probably had a huge problem with Traffic Jams. I continually watch television shows, or read about the problems with traffic in Bangkok. This is just hangover opinions from 20 years ago, today the management of traffic in Bangkok and Thailand is great.

You need to come to Manila, Philippines to see a real SNAFU.

Manila, Ermita Philippines
Tuesday, July 29, 2008
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Bangkok, has some slow traffic, it is a big city, this is normal. However, if you really want to see bad management of traffic come to Manila, they seem to have no systems, just roads.

I always remember Jakarta, Indonesia, I was on the back of a Motorcycle Taxi, and we were in a traffic jam. When motorcycle cannot move, this means a horrendous traffic jam. The same problem is in Bali, Indonesia also.

I really wish people would look at countries, take great care before they write or make shows about a problem of 20 years ago.

There are still people telling me,
“You cannot take their photo; they feel you are stealing their soul.”

Crap, this problem stopped 10-20 years ago also, now you are just being an annoying tourist. I am always amazed when BBC, CNN, large newspapers propagate idea that are way past reality.

Bangkok Traffic Jams